Church Launches Sunday School Ad With Jesus As a Bearded Woman


Lord, deliver us from false “churches.”

A “church” in Iceland has made waves for a recent ad for a Sunday School program in which it depicts Jesus as a bearded woman.

According to the Daily Mail, the church, belonging to the hyper-liberal Evangelical Lutheran denomination, apologized for the “hurt” caused by the ad, but defended the “positive” effects of depicting Jesus in different ways.

“In this [advert], we see a Jesus who has breasts and a beard,” said Petur Georg Markan, the Church’s media representative. “We’re trying to embrace society as it is. We have all sorts of people and we need to train ourselves to talk about Jesus as being ‘all sorts’ in this context.”

“Especially because it’s really important that each and every person see themselves in Jesus and that we don’t stagnate too much. That’s the essential message. So this is okay. It’s okay that Jesus has a beard and breasts,” Markan added.

What on earth Bible are these folks reading that tells them “seeing themselves in Jesus” is the “essential message”?!

“Each person interprets something in this picture,” said Church minister Guorun Karls-og Helgudottir. “Some people interpret it as a trans Jesus, others as a woman. Some see Mary with a beard, and others see a genderqueer person. Views within the church are just as diverse as elsewhere.”

In spite of defending the content of the ad, the church ultimately deleted it from its Facebook page and issued a statement that it “regrets that the picture of Jesus in a Sunday school advertisement has hurt people. The goal was to emphasise diversity, not to hurt people or shock them.”

The advertisement will still appear on public buses in the Reykjavik capital region for at least another two weeks, the Mail reports.

Markan also declared that the church has every intention of continuing to exploit Jesus as a progressive poster boy, saying, “Soon, we’ll be introducing more personifications where, for example, you’ll see Jesus making a contribution to environmental issues.”

The Church of Iceland joins its Scandinavian neighbor Sweden in desecrating imagery of Jesus Christ after a Swedish church promoted an altarpiece that depicted Jesus as a transvestite.

No wonder these false churches are hemorrhaging members. God is cleaning house!

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