Church Ministry Bus Driver Who Gained Parents’ Trust to Abuse Young Boys Sentenced to 30 Years


A man who struck up a relationship with a mother and her two sons while volunteering to drive a church ministry bus has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexually abusing the children.

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Timothy Black handed down the sentence to Jory Leedy, who pled guilty to the crimes in 2019 yet later petitioned to withdraw his plea.

The conviction is his second for sex abuse of a child, having served two years previously for a similar offense.

In spite of his status as a sex offender, Leedy was able to volunteer for Target Dayton Ministries, which gives rides to church for low-income families.

This was how he met his victims and their mother, whom he told his name was “Jordan Leedy,” so any attempts on the mother’s part to find him on sex offender registries would have produced nothing suspicious.

He began to visit the family regularly, and would play with the children and eat dinner. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, he would buy the boys gifts, take them on day trips, and even tuck them in at night.

He eventually gained enough trust to be allowed to take the children to stay with him at a hotel on Saturday nights, so at to be closer to the church, he said. Leedy even managed to get his parents to let him take them to North Carolina and Disney World.

Leedy also helped the family find another home for which he paid part of the rent and even helped the children enroll in private school.

According to court documents, it was during these nights together in hotel rooms that the now-50-year-old Leedy committed his unthinkable acts against the two little boys.

His real identity was eventually discovered when he himself called 911 after an altercation with the boys’ father.

The police told the family that he was Jory Leedy, a registered sex offender.

This is a classic example of how many abusers operate. They will work hard to gain the trust of either their victim or the victims’ parents or caretakers, showering them with attention and gifts.

It is impossible for us to speak to the state of mind of the parents here, and we can only imagine the anguish and guilt they might feel for trusting this seemingly generous man who ended up violating their children in one of the most disgusting possible ways.

A grown man never has any business being alone in a hotel room with children that aren’t his, no matter how many gifts he may give to them or how much support and friendship he may offer the parents.

As parents, we must maintain boundaries at all times, no matter what, and no matter who it might offend or appear to slight.

Your children’s innocence is at stake.

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