Church Of Scientology Being Sued By Former Member Over Forced Abortions


Over the last few years, several high profile celebrities have bolted from the Church of Scientology and have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to exposing the awful beliefs and practices of this cult.

One of the bigger names to do this is actress Leah Remini who created an award winning documentary series for A&E where she explains her experience within the “church” and speaks with others who also escaped from the clutches of scientology.

Much has been revealed about the inner workings of the organization, almost all of it bad. However, the latest revelation to come out is one that goes well beyond disturbing.

According to a former member now suing the organization, the Church of Scientology forced women to have abortions.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

Former Scientologist Laura DeCrescenzo alleges that the church forced her to undergo an abortion at age 17.

DeCrescenzo and the Church of Scientology “have been in an on-going legal battle for years, and the church asked a federal court to dismiss the entire case in December,” LifeNews reports.

DeCrescenzo, now 39, says she joined the group under her parents at age 12 and served in the infamous Church of Scientology International Sea Org after having left home. While serving, she allegedly suffered harsh working conditions and long hours. The horror reached its apex when Scientology allegedly forced her and other women into getting abortions.

“I was told by the commanding officer of my organization that … at this point the baby wasn’t a baby, it was just tissue,” DeCrescenzo said, previously. “I never agreed to have an abortion. Did I concede? Yes, I did. Does it kill me every day? Yes, it does.”

DeCrescenzo didn’t stop there. She also recounted how the church forced her to work 100 hours per week and punished those who failed to meet their demands.

Samantha Domingo, another woman who survived being a scientologist, stated that the organization is notorious for forcing women to have abortions and often treats those who decide to keep their babies as criminals.

This is what happens when a religion springs up that removes Christ from its foundation and places a false idol in His place.

Time and time again we’ve heard the horror stories that come out of religious cults and yet somehow, ones like scientology continue to convince people to become members. It’s really quite mind-boggling.

A lot of people have wondered why the Activist Mommy has not covered Joy Villa supporting the pro-life cause with the dress she wore at the Grammys. Well, this is why. Villa is herself a scientologist and a member of this very same organization that is shaming women into killing their unborn children. If a person is truly pro-life, surely they would distance themselves from any “church” that would command women to murder their kids, right?

Villa is sort of a mixed bag and as such, people need to be very cautious in voicing support for her.

Individuals in this organization who are directly responsible for brow beating these poor women into murdering their children need to be held accountable for their actions, which should result in severe prison time or worse.

Justice must be served in this case to help these women heal — as much as they can in this life — so they can get closure and move on to the next chapter in their stories.

Let’s hope this ends up nailing the Church of Scientology to the wall.