Citizen Backlash Results In Another Cancelled Drag Queen Event at Public Library


As if so-called “Pride Month” weren’t ubiquitous enough in our culture, taking over everything from corporate logos, social media filters, and even supplanting POW/MIA flags in some cases, it’s also intruding on our taxpayer-funded public libraries in a particularly disturbing way.

We have been covering the great many numbers of “Drag Queen Story Hour” and other cross-dressing events all months, as well as Elizabeth’s hard work to get them shut down.

If you have not yet heard of the trend, here’s how it works: men who like to dress in drag and are accustomed to performing in erotic bars and nightclubs are invited to read storybooks to small children in public libraries.

The events have been expanding, however, and this year we’ve heard of several different events for young teens that teach how to dress in drag, such as Jacksonville, Florida’s “Storybook Pride Prom” for children aged 14-18.

The event, originally slated for Friday, June 28th at the Willowbranch branch of the Jacksonville Public Library, was described as:

You’re invited to create your own “happily ever after” at The Storybook Pride Prom! This event will be on Friday, June 28 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM at Willowbranch Library in Riverside. Come dressed inspired by your favorite book character– casual, formal, or in drag – whatever makes you feel great. Be you!

BeBe Deluxe will be making a guest appearance, so you certainly won’t want to miss out!

Bring a date, come solo or with friends, and enjoy music, dancing, refreshments, a selfie station, and more.

As soon as we caught wind of this event, Elizabeth put out the call on Facebook to contact the library:

Look at what Jacksonville, Florida taxpayers are paying for!!!! 😡😡😡 Featuring guest Drag Queen “BeBe Deluxe”. Call ☎️…

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on Friday, June 21, 2019

The post was shared 4,800 times as of this writing, meaning the call was heard near and far and the community of Christians in Jacksonville had all the reinforcements they needed to get this event shut down!

Which is exactly what happened:

After careful and extensive deliberation, the library has decided to cancel the Storybook Pride Prom scheduled for…

Posted by Jacksonville Public Library on Monday, June 24, 2019

The library posted today that:

After careful and extensive deliberation, the library has decided to cancel the Storybook Pride Prom scheduled for Friday, June 28 at the Willowbranch Branch Library. While the planning team did a remarkable job putting together a program that would have provided a great experience for our teen customers, the co-opting of the event by others who wish to use it for their own purposes has created a situation in which the library is not confident that it will be 100% prepared to provide a safe, secure environment for customers, staff, volunteers, contractors, protestors and active supporters, and most of all for the teens themselves.

We sincerely appreciate the multitude of expressions of support from the community who appreciated the library’s intention to engage with teens in a new way, in a demonstration of the library as a place for learning and fun—a place where friends come together for conversation and something as simple as a dance without the labels and judgement that are too often a part of everyday life. It is unfortunate that this event became associated with political statement and shows of activism, as those are not part of the library’s mission in any way.

Jacksonville Public Library remains open to all and will continue to create programs and provide materials on all topics to enable everyone to grow and learn—children, teens and adults. Thank you for your time and attention.

This is exactly what happens when Christians have the courage to object to the sin they see in the world, which we are morally obligated to do, particularly when it involves promoting dangerous behavior among children and teenagers.

Not to mention, when we’re also footing the bill, as one anonymous local mother said.

“As a tax payer of Duval county, an educator, a mother, a Christian and a library card holder I had to stand up for the safety of all children, stop abuse of our tax dollars and look out for the overall mental health of our community,” she wrote.

“I, and thousands of others, called the library, represenatives [sic], our Mayor and others in charge of this event. They have responded and canceled and we thank them for this.”

This mother is just like you and I. She is a concerned citizen who knows right from wrong and thankfully, like the many other people who voiced their objection, she knows that these public institutions are funded by our dime and controlled by representatives and officials that work for us. 

This is the reality of life in the United States. We have all the tools at our disposal to change our nation’s course down this very dangerous path but we have to use them. 

Christians have been complacent, tolerant, and silent for far too long. If you love the citizens of our nation, if you love the children and the drag queens and the gay pride dancers, then you will fight for a world where this sin is no longer promoted. Where those who are confused and struggling are given the security and love they need in a way that doesn’t promote their lifestyle, but helps them reform.

Are you willing to stand up and help make this change?

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