Class Act: Mike Pence Surprises Troops in Afghanistan


Vice President Mike Pence keeps on proving he’s a class act and a man of integrity, honesty, and truth. Whether it’s honoring God and his wife by putting rules in place for his own personal conduct, or what he recently did for troops in Afghanistan, Pence is the real deal.

The vice president recently made a surprise visit to the troops who are currently stationed in Afghanistan, which our men and women in uniform no doubt appreciated given Christmas is only a few days away and they won’t be home to spend it with their families.

This marks the first visit from Pence to the area and comes hot on the heels of a newly announced strategy to take out terror groups in the country.

Time has more details:

Vice President Mike Pence told Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on a secret visit to Afghanistan on Thursday that the U.S. is “here to see this through” as they discussed a newly announced U.S. strategy to break the stalemate in America’s longest war and consulted on upcoming parliamentary elections.

Pence’s surprise pre-Christmas visit was the first to the war-torn country by either Trump or the vice president, and it came as the Trump administration charts a pathway for ending the 16-year war in Afghanistan.

“We’re here to see this through,” Pence told Ghani and Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah at the presidential palace in Kabul, arriving after a helicopter ride through smoky, dark skies surrounding Afghanistan’s capital.

Later, at a rally-style event at Bagram Air Base, Pence told hundreds of U.S. troops: “I believe victory is closer than ever before.”

“It’s because of all of you that we’re safe. It’s because of you that we’re free. It’s because of you that freedom has a future in Afghanistan and America and all across the wider world,” Pence said, his voice raspy from a cold.

Our military sacrifices so much to ensure our way of life is preserved from the evil intentions of radical Islamic terrorism and other threats that exist, leaving behind family, friends, and the comforts of home to serve abroad in less than ideal places like Afghanistan.

It’s critical that these warriors feel appreciated for the effort they continue to put into fighting for our liberty, and what could boost morale more than meeting the vice president and president?

What’s even better is that it seems we’re finally on the right track to actually putting an end to the terrorist groups who continue to threaten our way of life, which is always a cause for celebration!