Clinic for “All-Trimester” Abortions Prepares to Open Its Doors in Maryland

Photo by Adam Fagen Some rights reserved4

As states around the country have been newly empowered to restrict or all-out ban abortion thanks to the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, a non-profit in Maryland is working to open an “all-trimester” abortion clinic in part to cater to women seeking abortions from out-of-state.

Georgia Public Broadcasting published a glowing article last week about Partners in Abortion Care, which when it opens its doors this fall will be one of the only abortion clinics in the country that will abort a baby in the third trimester.

“The clinic expects to treat an influx of patients coming north from states with abortion bans enacted after the Supreme Court decision in June that overturned Roe v. Wade,” GPB reported.

The clinic’s co-owner, obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Diane Horvath, told the outlet that all-trimester abortion care “is a really politicized topic…and it shouldn’t be. Every time we draw a line and we say ‘no more abortions after this point,’ someone’s going to fall on the other side of that line, and they’re going to be harmed.”

It should be noted that every single abortion procedure, regardless of gestational age, is intended to end the life of an unborn human baby.

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GPB recounted the scene when Horvath and her business partner, certified nurse-midwife Morgan Nuzzo, watched with tears in their eyes as medical equipment was moved into their intended site. Some of the equipment they will use to abort babies of nearly every gestational age has been “rehomed” from clinics shut down under new abortion restrictions.

“Whooh,” Horvath said, “with a sigh,” as the reporter noted. “I was thinking about how Georgia lost access to abortion, like, this week. And we’re getting this equipment from them. So — it feels very heavy.”

The partners anticipate that they will be serving women who have been unable to obtain abortions in other states or for whatever reason were unable to obtain abortions earlier on in their pregnancies.

“We’re definitely going to be seeing people who wanted an abortion two or three months ago,” Horvath said, “and could not navigate the web of restrictions, or could not come up with the funding, or could not get transportation or child care or time off of work.”

“That’s a really common story,” she continued. “And it’s really sad, because it doesn’t have to be this way.”

Indeed, if human life were regarded as sacred and children viewed by society as just as valuable as their born and adult counterparts, it wouldn’t have to be this way at all.

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