Clinical Counselor Says Drag Queen Story Hours “Greatest Grooming Program Ever Devised”


As we have continuously reported, while advocates of Drag Queen Story Hours insist the events are innocent gatherings in which men dressed in drag simply read books to encourage acceptance and inclusion, the truth is, these events are cesspools for the indoctrinating and grooming of young, vulnerable children.

Time after time, these drag queens are being exposed as sex offenders, begging the question, what are these men really after in their pursuit to gain greater access to children? John Uhler, a clinical counselor, is now urging parents to be vigilant and to see these events for what they really are.

The Christian Post reports:

Jon Uhler, a licensed professional counselor who has worked clinically with approximately 4,000 serial predators for over 11 years, said in an interview with The Christian Post on Wednesday that he believes Drag Queen Story Hour events constitute “the greatest grooming program ever devised” and predators “are laughing all the way to the bank.”

While drag queens reading stories to children at public libraries has been billed as an innocuous activity, community groups and mothers who resist are right to oppose it, he adds, because sexual predators and offenders prioritize convincing people to doubt their instincts and think that their “red flags” are nonsense.

“The question is: Why are these men dressed in women’s underwear and drag wanting greater access to children?” Uhler asked.

He noted that because predators can calculate that the public senses something off-putting about them, they manipulate perceptions about what they are really doing. Such has been the case with the public relations efforts surrounding the Drag Queen Story Hour.

We are certainly seeing the public’s perception of these events being spun to downplay the sexualization of drag queens and to minimize the focus on gender confusion. We’ve heard advocates of these events say over and over that these events are solely for promoting acceptance, love, and inclusion but when you look at what is really going on it’s impossible to deny the truth. As Uhler puts it, “…what we’re hearing from these guys is 100 percent a lie.”

Uhler points out that between the Drag Queen Story Hour events and gender fluidity curriculum in public schools the LGBT agenda is a “moral Ebola virus” and it’s spreading rapidly and will continue to do so unless concerned parents and citizens get serious about exposing the truth.

“We cannot afford to do nothing because we have very darkened and deviant individuals that are predators [going] after our kids and they are expanding. To not do anything is to hand our kids over [to them],” Uhler said.

We have seen great success with peaceful protests from concerned community members of these controversial events, but Uhler is suggesting another approach might be even more effective at fighting back against Drag Queen Story Hours. He is encouraging people to attend the events and record what’s going on with phones or hidden devices.

Worth noting, this could prove difficult in some areas as some Drag Queen Story Hour events specifically require all adults to be accompanied by a minor, and we would never condone or suggest taking a child to one of these disturbing events just to obtain video footage.

Uhler says, “The only way this is going to be stopped is if the public sees that every single time, at every single one of these, really perverse things are going on. So you let their own actions speak for themselves.” He also says it’s vitally important to go after the “decision makers” in your community, the people who have the “checkbook for the library.” These are the people to contact with concerns.

If we want to see Drag Queen Story Hour come to an end we need to work together in an organized concerted effort to shut them down and work against their organized, concerted efforts to gain access to small children and corrupt their vulnerable minds.


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