Clothing Company Uses Young Girls in Vulgar Video to Trash Trump, Support Planned Parenthood


Many on the left seem to be completely devoid of any sort of moral compass or standard of what’s acceptable and what’s not, completely ignoring conventional norms of right and wrong whenever doing so pleases them or helps them further their agenda.

A clothing company called FCKH8.Com — such a mature name, right? — has decided they needed some sort of gimmick to make them stand out and spread their message far and wide. Instead of making a catchy jingle or creating some sort of mascot from scratch they go with the oldest trick in the book: using children.

What’s wrong with that? Lots of companies use kids to push products and reach people with their message, right?

Yes, they do, but what the majority don’t do is make videos with little kids, specifically young girls, using obscene and vulgar language to shock and entertain people into supporting their products and company.

That’s precisely what this company did and it’s shameful to the core.

LifeSiteNews is reporting: achieved notoriety in 2014 with a video entitled “Potty-mouthed Princesses.” In that advertisement, little girls ages 6 to 13 let loose a tirade of profanity-laden thoughts on such adult topics as wage disparity, sexual assault, and rape. is owned by Synergy Media, a for-profit marketing company. According to its website, FCKH8 “has raised over $280,000 for equality causes, arming thousands of people with pro-LGBT equality, anti-racism and anti-sexism T-shirts that act as ‘mini-billboards’ for progress.”

The company is now selling pink “pussy hats” and related T-shirts through a website called PussyScouts. In an online advertisement released yesterday, pre-pubescent girls in pink “pussy hats” and mock Girl Scout uniforms perform an obscenity-laced “rap” about Donald Trump.

Here’s a transcript of the video. The language has been censored, but it’s still pretty rough.

“Granny be droppin’ a beat that’s sick.

“We’re gonna rap about a prez who’s a sexist d***

“Ya call women ‘fat pigs,’ show us no respect.

“Try to grab my p***? You’re gonna get wrecked.”

(At this a snarling girl drives a fist into the palm of her fake fingernail-adorned hand.)

“Cuttin’ Planned Parenthood healthcare,

“An agenda more ****ed than your ****ed-up hair.”

“You said of ladies, you gotta ‘treat ‘em like ****

“Accused rapist, sex assault culprit.

“Like Princess Leia choked out Jabba the Hutt

“The Women’s March showed women’s mouths can’t be shut.”

“Super callous fraudster rapist sexist not my POTUS.

“Bull**** racist Muslim ban

“You’re loved by Nazis and the Ka-Ka-Klan … ”

You can watch the video here if you wish to, though again, it’s quite rough and disturbing.

The use of children in this manner is sort of the company’s schtick, having produced several other videos with kids spouting off all kinds of obscenities. One of these is posted on the company website and it features an over-the-top caricature of a Southern — think “redneck” type — white man arguing with kids about preserving the Confederate flag.

It’s truly despicable to see these grown adults corrupting children to make a quick buck and further their own agenda. These kids are too young to understand what’s really going on in the realm of politics and culture enough to back these causes and know what the words they’re using actually mean.

This is child abuse of an intellectual and psychological nature that just shouldn’t be allowed.