CNN Accepts Humanity Of Unborn Babies—But Only To Push The BLM Narrative


Pigs must be flying somewhere because leftist, pro-abortion news network CNN has allowed the humanity and unlimited potential of an unborn child to be affirmed on air—if only to bolster the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a brilliant op-ed for the Western Journal, Elise Ehrhard reports that CNN Newsroom anchor Brianna Keilar “threw caution to the wind and abandoned pro-abortion euphemisms when interviewing pregnant guest Ebony Chisholm and her husband, Henry” last Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Chisholm published a piece in the Hartford Courant titled “A letter to my beautiful, black unborn baby.”

In a stunning display of cognitive dissonance, Chisolm was invited to read her letter on-air.

“To my unborn son, daughter or however you choose to identify,” the letter begins. As Ehrhard points out, one can apparently only “throw away so much reality at one time,” noting that Chisolm ditched pro-abortion “fetus” language but kept her woke status by allowing her child to identify as a leprechaun.

Chisolm goes on, writing to her unborn child about “how we can protect you” and focusing on Black Lives Matter’s prevailing narrative of “hundreds of black men and women killed by law enforcement or white civilians.”

“Thinking of children in all of this is something that really cuts through to a lot of people to understand,” Keilar said.

The mind-numbing inconsistency wasn’t lost on Ehrhard, who wrote:

So now when we think of an unborn baby, we are supposed to acknowledge him or her as a child?

Which is it, CNN?

The hypocrisy of the establishment media is mind-boggling. CNN shows concern about how this child could be killed once outside of the womb but ignores the dangers a black child faces inside it.

Here’s the thing: Chisolm’s unborn child, whether black or not, does deserve protecting, yet she fails to note the real reasons why anywhere in her letter.

Nowhere does Chisolm tell her unborn child that he or she had 40 percent chance of being poisoned or ripped apart in the womb merely for being the child of a black mother in America.

Nowhere did Chisolm tell her unborn child that it would have been her prerogative to kill him or her for virtually any reason, up to and including mere convenience.

Nowhere did Chisolm tell her unborn child that it is simply the fact that, at the moment, he or she is wanted that makes him or her human in the eyes of woke America and that they’re only eligible for the protection of which she speaks once they are born.

It’s just too much, folks. How the staggering inconsistency of speaking to one unborn child about protecting them while defending the right to kill other unborn children is too much to bear. Why does anyone take CNN seriously?!

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