CNN Chyron Describes Kenosha Protests As “Fiery, But Mostly Peaceful”


No, this is not satire.

In one of Christian news outlet Disrn‘s increasingly frequent “Not the Bee” stories, we learn that graphics you may have seen floating around of CNN’s chyron describing the rioting and violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin following a police shooting this week were “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

If you had seen this graphic and thought it was actually a joke, there’s good reason for this.

It’s absolutely absurd. If you told me this was a segment from an SNL skit, I wouldn’t even bat an eye.

Of course, the chyron appeared below a report from one of their correspondents who was at the scene in Kenosha, while businesses burned behind him and he appeared more appropriately dressed for a war zone than a “fiery but peaceful” protest.

Does one typically need a gas mask and goggles at a “peaceful protest”? Even their reporter expected the protests to be violent, as clearly indicated by his outfit. Yet the producers still felt bold enough to apply spin so absurd to their coverage that it was instantly meme-worthy.

Are they even trying anymore, or have their dozens of viewers become so blind by confirmation bias that they don’t even have to?

Meanwhile, the “protests” in Kenosha are so very not-peaceful that a longtime Democrat whose family was part of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s has said he is “appalled” by comparisons between this summer’s riotous violence and the movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I’m appalled when folks want to call this stuff that’s happening now and compare it to the civil rights movement when there is absolutely no comparison,” Tennessee state Rep. John J. DeBerry, Jr., who is black, told Fox News.

“It’s like we’re trying to live up to the worst of stereotypes, the worst of behavior, the worst of perceptions,” he said of the violence of today. “And it’s heartbreaking to think that folks think that burning and looting and stealing … That these things build camaraderie and a good opinion.”

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