CNN Thinks the Deviant Fetishes of Gay Men Make for Good Marriage Advice


CNN seems determined to make a complete mockery of journalism, and as Americans continue to lose their trust in the legacy news network, they continue to prove how completely out of touch with regular people they are. On top of that, they apparently have given up on even pretending they’re anything but shameless slaves to a far-left social and political agenda.

A recent story on their website completely underscores this point, and is so completely ridiculous it’s hard to know whether to laugh or shudder with disgust.

The article was titled, shockingly, Cuckolding can be positive for some couples, study says and discussed the practice of “cuckolding,” in which a man enjoys the concept of his wife being intimate with another man.

It opens with a reference to the term “cuck”, which has been adopted by the alt-right as a slur meant to connotate weakness and often applied to those the movement views as a “cuckservative” or fake conservative, which was, of course, derived from the word “cuckold.”

Then the author, Ian Kerner, actually attempts to argue that the practice of passing your wife off to another man can actually be beneficial to one’s marriage, and you can tell he genuinely believes this is somehow a “gotcha” retort to the popularity of the term “cuck” among the alt-right.


It gets worse. The study Kerner relies heavily upon for his half-baked ideas that adultery is somehow a good thing for marriage, was written by David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and the writer Dan Savage (eye roll). And, as Life Site News reports, it was a study done among homosexual men: 

What goes unmentioned until much later in the article, [is] that the study which forms the basis of the CNN report was based on an online survey of 580 gay men who engage in cuckolding behaviors or fantasies.

Are you kidding me? You’re trying to convince your ever-waning audience that adultery is beneficial to marriage and you site an online study of the twisted fetishes of gay men?! 

Life Site News continues:

CNN failed to mention the source material for the study as if it were inconsequential to its reporting while, apparently accepting its questionable methodology.

In so doing, CNN led its reading audience to think that “cuckolding” is a common practice among married male-female couples, and that science affirms the goodness of extramarital affairs and fantasies.

This doesn’t really need to be stated, but casual sex in the gay community is a completely different thing, not to mention a far more irresponsible lifestyle, than the God-designed marriage between a man and wife who pledge to spend their lives together.

You can’t possibly derive any positive advice for married couples from the fantasies and fetishes of men who have forsaken the natural design of sex and marriage to risk STDs and engage in meaningless and empty encounters with other men. This is morally and intellectually ridiculous, not to mention completely offensive to any and all sensible people out there.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine any sensible people believe a darn thing CNN says these days, anyway.