CNN Attacks Trump For Wearing A “USA” Hat While Visiting Hurricane Harvey Survivors

CNN has come out swinging at President Donald Trump for wearing a hat that reads “USA” while visiting Hurricane Harvey survivors in Texas last weekend.


You’d think CNN would, during this difficult time, focus on the human kindness and compassion that are on full display in Texas right now.

You’d think they would highlight a few testimonies from the many people happy that President Trump was in Texas to provide what physical support he could.

But no, CNN would rather focus on the superficial.

Their gripe with Trump’s “USA” hat, it seems, it that the item is available on the President’s campaign website.

“The issue at play here is free advertising for Trump products,” the outlet – which dedicates an obscene amount of its airtime to discussing rumors about the President – claims.

Oddly enough, CNN quotes an actual ethics expert as stating that they don’t believe Trump has actually violated any ethics rules – but allows that ethics expert to rail against the move to wear the hat on his trip as “pretty inappropriate” anyway.

Oh yeah, that “ethics expert?” They happen to work for an organization that is currently suing the President over a loosely-backed claim that he is violating the Constitution by owning businesses while in office.

Oh yeah, the co-founder of that organization also worked for the Obama administration.

But there’s no bias there, right?

CNN is currently being thoroughly roasted for its idiocy.