CNN Urges Viewers to Cancel Netflix Subscriptions Over Controversial Dave Chappelle Special


For years, we here at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries have been urging our readers to cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

The vast majority of the content that we have found to be almost unthinkably offensive involves the perverse sexualization of children which, in many cases, could be rightly considered to be child pornography.

One of the most noteworthy examples is the ongoing series Big Mouth, which features animated sexual content involving children so obscene, it falls well within the bounds of what legally qualifies as child pornography, as one parent’s group recently warned, calling on law enforcement to investigate.

There was also the film Cuties, which caused a massive uproar upon its release over the explicitly sexualized manner in which it portrayed young, prepubescent girls.

However, now that comedian Dave Chappelle has rattled cages in a Netflix special by including jokes about gender and flatly declaring that “gender is a fact,” CNN is giving a voice to those calling for viewers to cancel subscriptions.

In his routine, Chappelle defended what he called “team TERF” and author J.K. Rowling, who has become the poster child for the term, which stands for “trans-exclusive radical feminists” over her views on transgenderism and defense of British woman Maya Forstater, who was fired from her job over tweets stating that gender was biological.

Chappelle, of course, is a comedian, and comedians are wont to make all manner of obscene and politically incorrect jokes, but in today’s vehement cancel culture climate, this has considerably narrowed their range of acceptable content.

On Monday, the CNN program At This Hour featured guest Lina Bradford, a “transgender D.J. and actress,” who discussed with host Boris Sanchez what the latter described as Chappelle’s “insulting and insensitive jokes about transgender people,” as the Media Research Center reported.

The chyron on the screen declared the topic of their discussion to be “no laughing matter” as Sanchez and Bradford suggested viewers should cancel their Netflix subscriptions and that Chappelle’s brand of comedy may even be responsible for rising transgender deaths, particularly among the black community.

Bradford criticized Netflix for accepting “gay coin” for their “gay content” and yet refusing to “be accountable for, you know, this display what we’re seeing, you know.”

The D.J. and actor continued to declare that “especially as a black man, you know, we have to really have to be kind of be a united front when we have everybody else coming at us, so why does it have to continue to be in your dialogue to not only rip in, but it’s harmful what you do. Your words, they — they have accountability.”

Sanchez then asked, “Let’s talk about the data and the harm that you’re noting because the National Black Justice Coalition says that this year quote ‘is on track to be the deadliest year on record for transgender people in the United States and the majority of whom are black transgender people.’ What do you think needs to be done to address that?”

“Well, Boris, I mean, you just kind of brought it down in that sentence. You know, when you have a black man speaking on, you know, trans-life that, you know, you really don’t know too much about yet you seem to have a lot to say about it, you know, whether it’s ‘funny’ or not, it becomes harmful, and that’s when, you know, your accountability for your art has to be placed into question,” Bradford replied.

“That’s where Netflix has to have a comment so, you know, people just — like you said, people might want to look into where it is you’re getting your content from. You know, don’t go to comedians and maybe not give your money to conglomerate that’s very insensitive to a community, but yet okay to take that coin.”

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