College Humor Releases Trans Video That Says EVERYTHING About Gender Insanity


Chicks On The Right just called a recent video by College Humor “almost perfect”—and they hit the nail on the head.

The site, geared toward college students and often parodying various aspects of college campus life, produced a genius video earlier this month titled, “Coming Out As Trans-Everything.”

The video pokes fun at liberal attention-seekers, as the opening scene features a man telling the story of how he escaped Scientology and a peer responding, “that kind of sounds like a humble brag.”

The conversation cuts to a girl across the circle, who emotionally enters into a monologue about the fact that she’s always felt like an Aquarius, despite the fact she was born a Leo.

Her peers respond enthusiastically, calling her “brave” and saying things like, “I always knew it,” as the Scientology-escapee looks on skeptically.

“That’s not a thing, right? You can’t change star signs…” he says, and his question is met with gasps across the room.

“How trans-star-sign-phobic of you,” one of the other men in the circle says.

And absolute ridiculousness ensues.

You’ve got to see this:

Source: Chicks On The Right