College Professor Who Dared to Speak the Truth About Transgenderism Becomes Target of Relentless Leftist Attacks


The secular humanist left claims to denounce religion, and yet they have their own sacred commandments they expect everyone to abide by. Thou shalt not use improper pronouns. Thou shalt not refuse to bake a cake. Thou shalt not ever, ever, ever, question the official transgender and feminist orthodoxy. If thou do, thou shalt be made to take the appearance of a bigot, a homophobe, a racist, and a white supremacist. Thus sayest the self-worshipping godless masses.

Scott Yenor is a tenured professor at Boise State University who recently dared to violate one, if not all, of these sacred commandments by presenting his theories on the transgender agenda and it’s similarities to second-wave feminism in the form of a lengthy and excellent report for The Heritage Foundation as well as in an article for The Daily Signal. 

Both articles present the assertion that transgender activists have set out to undermine parental rights and the entire family unit in general.

“Transgender rights activists are seeking to abridge parental rights by elevating the independent choices of young children. Respecting the sexual and gender “choices” of ever-younger children erodes parental rights and compromises the integrity of the family as an independent unit,” Yenor writes on The Daily Signal.

In response, the website reports, a proverbial torch-and-pitchfork mob of students, faculty, and activists have made it their mission to get him fired–or silenced.

While the University maintains they will not fire Yenor, they have done everything they can to make his life miserable anyway.

Yenor says that this is less of an attack on him personally, and more of an attack on free speech and the institution of reason and rationality on college campuses.

“There has been a very chilling effect on not only my speech, but those who would speak in defense of me both on the substance, and on the principle of academic freedom,” he says of the response to his article.

He says that the serious backlash began when the School of Public Service posted his article on their Facebook page, prompting outrage from students (Thou shalt not express opinions that contradict leftist college students!!!)

This prompted the dean to notify the students via Facebook that while Yenor had a right to publish what he published, his work violated the university’s desired level of civility and diversity.

You could fill up a swimming pool with the leftist tears found in the comments section of that post.

As one can imagine, this message from the dean hardly satisfied the snowflake students, and in fact, Yenor says, destroying his career became a “cause célèbre” for Francisco Salinas, the new student diversity and inclusion hire.

Salinas went full psycho leftist–penning an article tying Yenor’s article to Nazism and the events of Charlottesville. Of course. (If thou shalt find thyself incapable of challenging an argument, call thy opposing party racist.)

Since then, other faculty and students have added their two cents to various publication or when they have the floor at faculty meetings.

At the end of the day, Yenor cares more about the attack on free speech than he does on his position at the university.

“The problem with what is happening is that the idea that I’m in violation of the campus civility policies is intended to have a chilling effect on my speech and the speech of anyone who would agree with me,” he says. “That is the bottom line with how I’m being injured.”

The language of those who oppose him truly is chilling. They are fully convinced that his balanced, level-headed theories are hateful and bigoted rather than simply an opposing argument to a controversial issue.

Today’s leftists are fully convinced that people on the right are trying to march transgender people and homosexuals off to the gas chambers and are absolutely blind to how much more American culture is in their favor. Mainstream media outlets, Hollywood movies, television shows, scholarly orthodoxy, public education policy, even government policy, all favor their opinions on transgenderism and feminism. And yet they’re convinced they are living in Nazi Germany.

In a way, they are living in Nazi Germany. But it is is a Nazi Germany of their own making. Thou shalt insist you are oppressed until all dissent is silenced.