College Professors Openly Scream At And Harass Conservative Student On Campus


For years now, it has been well known that college campuses have been become leftist indoctrination centers.

In prior years, leftists would deny this reality, and claim that no leftist bias exists on college campuses.

In 2017, left-wing professors are openly yelling at and harassing conservative students for promoting conservatism on campus.

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, left-wing professors screeched at Katie Mullen for sitting at a table and promoting the conservative group Turning Point USA (TPUSA). Mullen is the chapter president for TPUSA at the college, and as she tabled with stickers with slogans like “Socialism Sucks,” the left-wing professors yelled at her and equated her with fascism, white nationalism, white supremacy, and the KKK.

“Neo-fascist Becky right here,” screamed graduate teaching assistant Courtney Lawton, after giving Mullen the middle finger. “Wants to destroy public schools, public universities, hates DACA kids.”

A university administrator even came out and told Mullen she could not table because she was in a “free speech zone.” After campus police were called, Mullen was reassured by the officers that she had the right to stay and table.

“I was honestly shocked and scared. I was there for a couple hours and had no real issues but a couple debates,” said Mullen. “They came with posters screaming profanities at me and people passing by.”

Associate Professor Amanda Gailey was also caught harassing Mullen for promoting Turning Point USA, an organization that champions capitalism and exposes the sins of socialism.

“It shocks me that these are professors that are supposed to teach and support students and they were bullying me,” said Mullen.

You can contact the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Office of the Chancellor online and at 402-472-7211 to discuss whether they should employ professors that yell at students for promoting conservative values.


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