College Students Sue Small Town in Mississippi for Denying Permit for Gay Pride Parade


This generation of sensitive little snowflakes need to get their head on straight and start recognizing that they live in a country with all the freedom to be as “sexually liberated” as they want to be and other people will protect their right to talk about it.

They are so completely spoiled, that they’re unleashing a massive lawsuit on a small town in Mississippi simply for denying them a permit to have a gay pride parade.

This is, of course, in spite of the fact that this town has every right to approve and deny permits for public events as they see fit, and these same liberal snowflakes would turn around and rally behind the American Humanist Association the next time they try to get anything on public property that remotely relates to the Bible or Christianity.

This is also in spite of the fact that there are hundreds of cities and towns across America who have massive gay pride events that are openly endorsed by the local government of these cities and towns. Not to mention, these LGBTQ snowflakes live in a country where they have a Second Amendment right to protect themselves from mobs who would try to throw them off a building, unlike homosexuals in other parts of the world. But can easily be guaranteed to be joining in the gun control mania led by leftist Pied Piper David Hogg without knowing absolute squat about firearms or existing gun laws.

No, it was really important that two lesbian college students demand that the town of Starkville, Mississippi reconsider their decision to deny their permit request for a gay pride event, and gay activists across the country, as well as the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, were more than happy to jump on board! 

Breitbart reports:

The Starkville council meeting drew members of the community speaking against the parade as well as gay activists, some of whom reportedly traveled two hours to attend the meeting. In the end, the seven-member council voted 4-3 against granting a special event permit, which would have entailed hosting and paying for accommodations for the first homosexual march on its streets.

This is, of course, all without anyone on the town council saying why the permit was denied, by the way. It could have been anything! Including the fact that the people of that town voted for their elected representatives to see to it that their values were represented in the city of Starkville, yes, and those people, as well as the opposing side, showed up to express their views. That is how constitutional democracy works.

It is worthy of note that public indecency alone is a perfectly valid reason for any community to keep gay pride events from occurring. Here are just a few of the most modest examples of how vulgar they can be:

The women suing the city of Starkville are Mississippi State University students, Bailey McDaniel and Emily Turner, which is located in Starkville, with the help of their hoards of leftist interest groups of course.

This is once again, a classic example of the LGBT left simply demanding other people accommodate them simply because they are gay.

Bailey McDaniel being comforted after learning she will not get her way

Being gay is not like being a different race, age, or gender, it is a sexual preference, and you don’t have a civil right to display your racy “celebration” of your sexual preference out on the street in any town in America simply because you have freedom of speech, and said towns certainly don’t have to pay for the accommodations for your event simply because you demand it.

We are raising a generation of “activists” who think that the battle for civil rights in this country means throwing a fit every time you don’t get your way! No, this generation needs to realize how many rights they truly do have, and start being grateful they don’t live in one of the countries they defend just to virtue signal but don’t really know anything about.

It’s time for millennials to get out of their safe spaces and see what the real world is like!