Colleges Now Offering Courses In ‘Hooking Up,’ ‘Queer Religion,’ and ‘Racial Capitalism’


Colleges today are becoming less and less about helping to prepare young adults for the workforce and equipping them with the skills needed to get along with others who see life from a different point of view, and are more about leftist indoctrination and other uselessness.

Sending a child to a major university is getting more and more expensive every single day, so a lot of parents who are still struggling to recover after nearly a decade of a depressed economy and high unemployment want to know whether or not a college education is a worthwhile investment.

It would be nice to be able to say yes, but given the kind of strange, bizarre, and down right sinful courses being taught, it’s sort of up in the air.

Fox News has more details on this disturbing trend:

Colleges nationwide are teaching students about tacos, hooking up and country music’s “homophobic and racist” message — but those are just a few examples, as classes such as “Queer Religion” and “Racial Capitalism” become the new norm.

The classes are listed and explained in Young America’s Foundation’s annual report of bizarre courses with a “leftist slant” that are offered at top-tier colleges and universities throughout the country.

Many courses fall under “intersectionality” — the hottest trend in identity politics on college campuses, offering students classes combining forms of discrimination (i.e. racism, sexism and classism) in relation to marginalized individuals or groups.

Ivy Leagues lead the list.

Brown University’s American Studies Department offers a course that uses specific objects “including sugar, milk, vibrators, and Spanx” as case studies “to critically consider how material culture informs and signals identity.”

Another oddball course is the “Trying Socrates in the Age of Trump,” class offered by Harvard University’s Philosophy Department. Here students are allowed to ponder and discuss why the Athenians killed Socrates and to ask what should be done with people who have “dangerous ideas.” Given that Trump is in the title of the class, one could draw the inference that those who developed the course are suggesting that killing Trump, a man they deem to have dangerous ideas, is an acceptable solution to what ails America.

As if that isn’t shameful and ridiculous enough, Harvard also has a class called “Tacos, Tamales, and Tequila: Eating and Drinking in Ancient Mexico.” Yes, the obscene amount of money being thrown at Harvard by parents is going to fund a class all about tacos.

The University of Pennsylvania is giving courses about “speciesism,” where students “deconstruct” what it means to be human — personhood — and giving equal rights to animals.

It would be nice if this were isolated incidents, but this sort of madness is spreading, likely due to the abandonment of God’s Word as the foundation for education.

This should give all parents pause when considering where to spend their hard earned dollars for their children’s college education, and in all honesty, this sort of craziness is starting to make an excellent case for bypassing college altogether and going with a trade instead.