Comedian Owen Benjamin Loses Gig for This Simple Statement on Transgender Children


Comedian and musician Owen Benjamin isn’t exactly a hugely controversial figure, but he has caught some attention on Twitter over the last year or so for his clear conservative views.

So when he was invited to perform at the University of Connecticut, he most likely assumed that the campus group that invited him knew what he was about. His Twitter feed and recent appearances on ‘Louder With Crowder’ are indicative enough of a pretty conservative slant.

However, apparently, some very sensible comments he made recently regarding transgender children were a bit much for the leftist college campuses of our day.

Benjamin received notice that he was no longer invited to UConn after posting a video online that contained “views on certain marginalized communities” the university took issue with.

The video the thought police could not stomach was of Benjamin speaking to a group of students about his views on transgenderism (the video contains some profanity but can be viewed here.)

“Being in favor of trans rights does not make you a liberal, which I am, I’m in favor of trans rights,” Benjamin said in response to a question from a student. “Am I in a favor of preventing an 8-year-old from going through puberty because they want to wear a dress? Of course not. I’m so against that.”

“If that’s going to make me a bigot, then I’m a bigot. Because when I was five, when I was three, when I was seven, all I did was play the piano, weave cloth, go to my dad’s operas. I hated sports, I wore velour pants,” he continued. “I probably would have been labeled trans. I’m artistic, I probably would have wanted to wear a dress at some point.”

The university tried their hand at a little damage control for canceling on such short notice.

“UConn respects Mr. Benjamin’s free speech rights, along with our student group’s right to determine who it wishes to host on campus,” the university writes in a statement provided to Breitbart news, according to Milo Yiannopoulos’ website. “The University is honoring the contract’s cancellation clause and paying his appearance fee.”’

Speaking to Campus Reform, Benjamin clarified that he didn’t think it was the campus group that originally had invited him that was offended by his comments.

“I don’t wanna put them on blast cuz they may also be pissed this happened,” he said. “Since they contacted me directly to do the show they probably enjoy my comedy.”

“I’m just upset at the PC political environment that makes these people silent,” he added, saying that “thousands of people started attacking” him online after his video.

Benjamin says the cancellation and online bullying didn’t phase him at all.

“I kept responding and not backing down. I warned them that the abuse of children makes people very angry and they may wanna rethink their stance. The next day I got a letter from the school that booked me canceling my show,” he explained. He did say he would still “do colleges,” as long as he is booked “by groups that support free speech and basic human decency.”

It is absolutely insane what a cultural crime it can be to say it’s wrong for children to receive hormone treatment when it is a much bigger crime to subject small children to hormone drugs.

Benjamin was absolutely right to speak his views regardless of whether or not he would be called a bigot, and we should too. The parents of “trans” children have the responsibility to protect them and guide them through life and instead they confuse and medicate their children to the point where they will never have a normal childhood.

Keep speaking out no matter what it costs for the sake of these children!!