Hilarious Comedy Sketch Sums Up The Leftist Snowflake Reaction To Ben Shapiro’s UC Berkeley Gig

A hilarious comedy sketch from The Blaze beautifully sums up the leftist snowflake reaction to conservative speaker Ben Shapiro’s event at UC Berkeley tonight.


In the clip, a therapist – played by The Conservative Millennial – attempts to console a student – played by Matt Walsh – upset over Shapiro’s speech.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get past it,” the student moans in the clip.

“We’re actually hearing this from many of the students who heard Ben Shapiro speak,” replies the therapist.

“Well, I didn’t hear him speak,” the student pipes. “My LGBTQI had a therapeutic cuddling session off-campus to shield us from the hate speech.”

The student goes on to declare that he just knows Ben Shapiro said all sorts of awful things during his speech – awful things like “men have penises” and “women are bad.”

See the full hilarious video for yourself below.

Ben Shapiro’s speaking at UC Berkeley. The horror.

Ben Shapiro's speaking at UC Berkeley. The horror.

Posted by TheBlaze on Thursday, September 14, 2017

In real life, Ben Shapiro will be speaking at UC Berkeley tonight.

According to The Daily Wire, tensions are high as liberal protesters remain in their perpetual state of frenzy, assuming everyone is a Nazi.

A significant police presence can be seen in the area.

The Daily Wire