Concerned Parents Show Up to VA School Board Meeting to Protest “Wokest School Board in America”


In the wake of the pandemic, concerned parents across America seem to be waking up to the reality of what is being taught in public schools.

Here at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries, we are committed to empowering parents to be active in their community to protect their children from ideologies that run contrary to their own deeply-held values, so we are thrilled to see this growing movement of parents-turned-activists stand up to school boards.

This week, Loudon County, Virginia, whose school district has made headlines on more than one occasion recently as debate rages over curricula addressing hot-button topics like sexuality, gender, and racism held a school board meeting that witnessed quite a turnout from parents and activists alike.

Newsbusters reported that the sidewalks and medians surrounding the school were packed with parents and left-wing protesters alike, expressing opposing views on school policy regarding transgenderism, sex ed, and critical race theory.

While signs from activists read “gay rights are human rights,” the opposing side sported a sign reading “Loudoun County’s Worst Nightmare: Educated Parents.”

“Many different organizations gathered in adjacent parking lots, including Family Foundation of Virginia, Virginia Education Association, The Radiance Foundation and members of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign team,” Newsbusters notes.

While speaking with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Fight for Our Schools executive director Ian Prior said he believed that the activists were bussed in to support the proposed curricula that many parents so adamantly opposed.

“They can keep trying, they can keep bussing people in or holding rallies outside, but we are not going to stop,” he said.

“This is the wokest school board in America, and it’s also is the worst school board in America, and we are not going to stop until we get a seat at the table,” he added.

The school board meeting, however, made headlines as the board moved to end early and some parents were arrested for refusing to leave. The enthusiastic turnout from concerned parents was not received well by the board, it seems.

Jon Tigges, one of those who was arrested, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that his and other parents’ rights were violated when their input was shut down.

“If you want to redress your grievances about a school board, there’s no other place you can do it than in a school board meeting,” he said.

“And in this case, we went on to public land, went into a public auditorium, we were there for a public forum that we were invited to, and I was signed up to give public comment. And at the end of all that, every single person there, all 500 parents, had their First Amendment rights trampled on by the Loudoun County School Board and its superintendent.”

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