Connecticut Passes Bill Establishing State As Safe Haven for Abortion Providers

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Connecticut has passed a bill establishing itself as a safe haven for abortion providers, particularly those who provide abortions to women who have traveled there from states with strict abortion regulations like Texas.

On Friday, the state Senate passed HB 5414, or the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act, which prohibits state courts from enforcing another state’s laws regarding abortion procedures that are legal to perform in Connecticut, Axios explained.

The bill, like many radical abortion bills which are being drafted and passed in Democrat-controlled states around the nation, comes in response to laws in states like Texas, Idaho, and Oklahoma which make abortion difficult or even, in the case of an Oklahoma law set to take effect next year, completely illegal to obtain.

Texas’ so-called heartbeat bill which restricts most abortions to before a fetal heartbeat can be detected has enjoyed historic success against legal challenges from pro-abortion groups thanks to a unique enforcement mechanism.

Connecticut’s bill only protects Connecticut residents from being charged under Texas law, rather than protecting fleeing Texans, Axios clarified.

It also changes instances of the term “pregnant woman” in state statutes to “patient.”  A radical pro-abortion bill in California, AB 2223, which many pro-life groups warn could effectively legalize the murder of some newborn babies, also changes wording in existing law in a similar fashion.

Connecticut’s HB 5414 now heads to Democratic Governor Ned Lamont’s desk, where he has already said he plans to sign it.

A number of states like California and Colorado have been drafting pro-abortion legislation in response to red state abortion regulations as well as in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on a Mississippi abortion law which could ultimately weaken or overturn Roe v. Wade.

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