Connecticut Second Graders Shown Animated Video of “Sad” Child Next to Aroused Adult Man


Greenwich, Connecticut parents are outraged after second graders were shown an animated video on “social and emotional learning” which included a silhouette of an adult man with an erection standing over a downcast child.

The supposedly educational video, “Alfred Jr. & Shadow: A Short Story About Being Scared,” had similar depictions of children facing physical abuse and a violently quarreling mom and dad.

The video is hosted by two animated owls who discuss various fearful experiences for children and is normally reserved for therapy sessions, the New York Post noted.

Among various causes for fear a child may face, the “stuff that’s very difficult to talk about,” is found an all too graphic representation of child sexual abuse.

The voice-over explains that “children have experienced an adult touching or putting their penis in the child’s private parts or mouth,” and are “terrified that this will happen again.”

As you can imagine, the outrage was swift when parents discovered the shocking and no doubt traumatic graphics that had been shown to the children.

“In my hometown, in my daughter’s age group class of second grade, they showed an animated video today of a man with an ERECTION standing over a child!!!!!” Greenwich Schools parent Carl Higbie wrote in a tweet that has since gone viral.

“This is not OK!!!!” he added.

“That somebody thought this video was acceptable for second graders was abhorrent,” Higbie, a conservative commentator, also told the local Free Press. While he was relieved that his own children were not in the class who witnessed the stunningly inappropriate video, he said he had been contacted by several “disgusted” parents.

Warning: this video contains sensitive imagery suggestive of child abuse

In an email to parents, Greenwich Schools Superintendent Dr. Toni Jones wrote in an email to parents that the video was likely meant for private therapy sessions which children who have experienced traumatic abuse.

“The content at this point in the video was not appropriate for our [Greenwich Public Schools] second grade classrooms,” Jones reportedly wrote.

The Post notes that parents had to be “offered help from psychology staff on how to discuss the video with their child, and the Department of Children and Families (DCF) was also alerted to it having been shown,” citing local outlets.

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