Conservative Commentator Literally Walks Off Panel When Progressive Guest Compares Christianity to Sharia


Open, civil discourse is incredibly important for the preservation of our society.

This is one reason the Founding Fathers felt that free speech was such an essential right. It’s much better to let people say whatever they truly believe so we can hash out what’s right and what’s wrong without being spoon-fed an official narrative by a government (or establishment media, ahem).

As Christians well know, however, there is a time for discourse, and a time to overturn tables, or, in the case of one conservative commentator, to just walk away from an absolutely absurd conversation.

The Daily Wire reports:

Conservative radio host Steve Deace walked off the set of an HLN segment on Friday after CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah compared Christianity to Sharia law.

The segment was centered around President Donald Trump’s upcoming nomination of a new Supreme Court justice and the panelists discussed the potential long-term ramifications of the pick.

“The stakes are really high in this country,” Obeidallah said. “And there are people who want to impose Christian Sharia law in this country. And what I mean by that is that they want the Bible as the law of the land.”

Deace later fired back that any comparison between Islamic Sharia law and Christianity was “preposterous,” but Obeidallah, who is very progressive, continued to push the comparison.

“Christian Sharia law in this context is simply shorthand for turning religious beliefs into the laws of the land,” Obeidallah continued. “I’m not going through the Bible. To me, that’s what Sharia is in the Muslim world, what Sharia is here. I’m not sure why you’d be upset unless you’re advocating it. I’m not suggesting you are.”

Deace immediately got up and left the set.

I think Deace had two choices: rebuke Obeidallah viciously or just walk away. While I can’t blame him for washing his hands clean of such an abhorrent premise, I’m a little disappointed he didn’t choose the former. If he had, he would have pointed out a few very inconvenient facts to Obeidallah’s absurd narrative.

CBN News called on some experts to do just this:

“Mr. Obeidallah’s attempt to equate Christian practices with Sharia-supremacism is absurd,” Frank Gaffney, president, and CEO of the Center for Security Policy, told CBN News.  “There is, after all, no counterpart in Christianity to such Sharia-condoned practices as female genital mutilation, honor killing, or the imposition of a totalitarian theocracy. To the contrary, the Constitution of this country and laws promulgated pursuant to it have been built on a Judeo-Christian foundation, and guarantee unalienable rights prohibited by Islam’s Sharia.”

Under Sharia law, which is practiced in Muslim countries, citizens can be jailed for Islamic-related offenses, such as blasphemy against the prophet Mohammad, not participating in Friday Muslim prayers, getting pregnant out of wedlock, and promoting other religions.  Punishments include flogging, amputation, stoning and even death.

Yeah, sounds just like Constitutional originalism, doesn’t it? SMH.