Conservative Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh Mourned As Trailblazer, Legend


On Wednesday, Kathryn Limbaugh, wife to legendary radio host and conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, announced that her husband had passed away after battling advanced lung cancer at the age of 70.

The tributes instantly began pouring in from conservatives around the nation, many of whom credited the trailblazing Limbaugh for paving the way for so many others to stand up for simple, patriotic American values and individual liberty.

Limbaugh’s daily radio program began in 1988 and would go on to earn him a place in the Radio Hall of Fame and National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, as noted by Western Journal.

“There isn’t a broadcaster today who cannot give credit to Limbaugh. He created the industry and ‘infotainment.’ The modern conservative movement wouldn’t be what it is without his contribution before social media, before the Internet,” wrote radio host and gun rights activist Dana Loesch.

Ben Shapiro, co-founder of the Daily Wire, paid homage to Rush as “the creator of talk radio and by extension the alternative media, an indispensable and iconic conservative voice.”

The Federalist’s Sean Davis praised Limbaugh as “the greatest broadcaster in history,” who “created an industry from nothing and in the process taught several generations of Americans about the virtues of freedom and liberty.”

“He was a giant, irreplaceable, a legend who made this country immeasurably better,” he added.

Several promient conservative politicans praised Rush’s legacy as well:


“I have listened to this legend most days of the week for over 20 years,” our own Elizabeth Johnston wrote in her reaction to the news of Limbaugh’s death on Instagram. “My children have memories of waking up from their naps as toddlers hearing Rush’s famous intro music while mommy was in the kitchen.”

“His gift to us all was to help us laugh at the lies of the dishonest media and never give up fighting for the principles of our Founding Fathers,” she also wrote.

“I never got the privilege of meeting him, but it feels like a friend has died. We will miss you Rush. Praying for his family and close friends to be comforted by our Lord.”

She pointed to comments made by Rush one of his final episodes in which he said, “I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is of immense value, strength, confidence and that’s why I’m able to remain fully committed to the idea that what is supposed to happen will happen when it’s meant to.”

Former President Donald Trump, who always found an emphatic supporter in the iconic conservative, spoke to the media for the first time since his tumultuous departure from office to react to the news of his good friend’s passing.

Trump shared that he had spoken with Rush just “three or four days ago” and that he was “fighting till the very end.”

“He’s irreplaceable. … He is a legend,” he said. “He really is. There aren’t too many legends around, but he was, he is a legend. And to those people that listened to him every day, like, it was like a religious experience for a lot of people. I mean, his fans, they just wouldn’t miss him. A very, very unique person.”

Mrs. Limbaugh shared the heartbreaking news on the radio program Rush hosted for decades on Wednesday.

“Rush will forever be the greatest of all time,” she said, as accounted in a tweet from journalist Andrew Lawton.

“Rush was an extraordinary man. A gentle giant. Brilliant, quick-witted, genuinely kind. Extremely generous. Passionate. Courageous. And the hardest working person I know.”

“From today on, there will be a tremendous void in our lives, and on the radio,” she also said. “Rush encouraged so many of us to think for ourselves. To learn and to lead. He often said it did not matter where you started or what you look like, as Americans we all have endless opportunities like nowhere else in the world.”

“On behalf of the Limbaugh family, I would personally like to thank each and every one of you who prayed for Rush and inspired him to keep going. You rallied around Rush and lifted him up when he needed you the most,” she also reportedly added.

We offer our heartfelt prayers and condolences to Kathryn and her family.

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