Conservative Teenager Banned from YouTube for Her Respectful Opposition to LGBT Movement


YouTube has just banned a 14-year-old girl for a video in which she spoke truth and reason about the LGBT agenda and its activists. The video was swiftly removed and her channel banned under the guise of “hate speech violations.” 

NewsBusters reports:

Soph, known on Twitter as @sewernugget, has been penalized by YouTube previously with suspension for “dangerous” humor and poking fun at leftist orthodoxy. With approximately 1 million subscribers before she was shut down, she rose to fame for poking fun at topics such as radical Islam, climate change, and pedophilia among Hollywood elites. 

How can YouTube justify shutting down a teenager who has one million subscribers? That is a pretty substantial following and you’d think would be good business for YouTube. Unfortunately, Soph doesn’t have the right ideology to be allowed to continue voicing her opinions through the internet giant’s platform.

NewsBusters continues:

Chen featured one clip from Soph’s video “Pride and Prejudice” which got her banned. In the video she commented on the nature of LGBT politics: “When you attack the concept of gay pride for what they’re doing to children” the left will respond by attacking the critic as someone who hates all gay people, she explained. “It’s morality laundering, they put the indefensible together with the legitimate so that you can’t scrutinize it without being called a homophobe.” 

Judging from this little bit of perspective it sure seems as though Soph was speaking too much truth and reason against the LGBT mafia, and that just can’t be tolerated by fascist Big Tech. 

Another example of her offending truth-telling:

Just like Cain murdering his brother for doing better than him, there is resentment against heterosexual couples because gays know that whatever meaning they manage to squeeze out of their relationships will never hold a candle to procreation. Additionally, since they can’t reproduce, they have to recruit, so it’s beneficial for them to wreck the familial unit. 

This is such a great perspective from a 14-year-old and said in a respectful, non-threatening way, yet  YouTube considers this to be “hate speech.”

Meanwhile, liberal commentators can say virtually whatever they want and experience zero repercussions. Leftist YouTubers regularly call for violence against conservatives, such as YouTuber “1791,” who NewsBusters reports said leftists should punch “Nazis” because they “didn’t get that urge punched out of them in childhood.” Of course, by “Nazi” she means conservatives.

Then there’s unhinged liberal YouTuber Steven Bonnell, who goes by the name “Destiny” and has said things like, “I’ve moved full on to the real violence level when it comes to conservative people, yeah, I think they need to be excised from my f—— country, I think they are demonstrably f—— evil people.”

How are those examples not in violation of YouTube’s “hate speech policy?” Calls for actual violence against other people because of ideological and political differences would seem to be the very definition of hate speech, yet leftist YouTubers are allowed to carry on uninhibited by rules and policies.

Google and YouTube have become so powerful that they literally have the ability to control the flow of information in the United States. That is a scary prospect when you consider how much people rely on these platforms to get their news. It has long been known that Google suppresses conservative news outlets online. A simple Google search on any given news story will tell you everything you have to know about their bias. 

The control of information is one of the markings of a totalitarian, communist society like China and North Korea. The left has the audacity to call Trump out for supposedly behaving like a fascist dictator while these companies wield so much more power over our ability to practice our First Amendment Rights. 


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