Consumer Group Calls On Hasbro To Stop Selling “Assault Style” Nerf Guns


It may give away this writer’s age, but I can remember, as a child, walking through the aisles of considerably smaller Walmart stores and seeing shelves stocked with candy cigarettes, realistic toy guns (without the orange tip, of course), and all manner of other products that entire generations of children survived playing with…until now.

Culture, along with manufacturing regulations, may have changed over time, but common sense and the desire to let kids just be kids persist—for now.

That is, of course, unless the left gets their way and all guns, even the hilariously unrealistic, foam dart-shooting variety, are banned.

That’s exactly what the Empire State Consumer Project is hoping to achieve with an impassioned letter to Hasbro, makers of Nerf guns.

According to Rochester First, the Project pleaded with Hasbro’s board of directors in a letter sent on December 3 to stop selling their “assault-style” toys. Seriously.

The letter reads, in part, with our gobsmacked emphasis added:

As the holidays approach, we are reminded of our mission to protect the safety of children. As we watch holiday toy commercials, we see the Nerf Ultra One and other extreme Nerf machine guns for children and are reminded of mass shootings that have devastated American children and families for decades now. In these times, the TV ad for this product plays like a Saturday Night Live parody, except that it is not at all funny. Toy guns are one thing, but these emblems of mass destruction take them to the next, horrifying level.

Hasbro’s stated mission is “to create the best play and entertainment experiences. The best play and entertainment experiences stand apart from anyone else’s and deliver joy, creativity and connection around the world and across generations.” Also from your website, “Hasbro is committed to making the world a better place for children and their families through corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.”

And this … “At Hasbro, we play with purpose. We are using our business as a force for good and building a safer, more sustainable and inclusive company and world for all.”

Your human rights statement says you aim to protect children’s human rights, wellbeing and dignity.

When your products themselves violate most of your proclaimed corporate values, something is very wrong. How does promoting play with huge automatic weapons create joy, creativity and connection around the world, and across generations, and make the world a better place for children? How do these weapon products use your business as a force for good? Who would this child be shooting with his cache of assault weapons? In one of the most creative industries on earth, how does one of the country’s largest toy producers fall so short in coming up with innovative toys that spark the peace-filled imaginations of children? If your research shows that children are craving toy assault weapons, you have missed the mark. Parents will tell you that many are afraid of going to school because of the stories they see and hear when a school shooting occurs. Surely, those of you who are parents understand.

Did you notice anything? Like, perhaps, the stark absence of literally any facts to support their argument? This emotionalistic rant deserves to be laughed all the way to Hasbro’s nearest trash bin.

The letter concludes, calling Hasbro to a higher level of social responsibility and making the change to only creating “nonviolent playthings:”

Marketing assault weapon toys to this most vulnerable group of consumers is an assault on their dignity and their worth as human beings. We implore you to remove assault-style toy weapons from your product offering. Social responsibility asks for a connection between the hearts of board members and the people who generate their profits, in this case, the children. Be responsible to these children; be leaders on this issue…your shareholders will thank you.

This is why we have a nanny state, people.

We have citizens pleading to be managed, pleading to have their responsibilities eased and taken over by businesses and government agencies who will tell them what they can and cannot buy. And, shamelessly, they sign away their neighbor’s liberty to the nanny state as well.

Rather than simply not buying the toys, this group wants to ensure that they are unavailable to the families and children who enjoy playing with Nerf guns who happen to live long, productive lives without going on real-life shooting sprees.

As PJ Media’s Megan Fox points out, Lord help New Yorkers if this nonsense makes its way to the desk of any of their Democrat legislators. While they’ll happily pass laws allowing unborn children of any age to be torn apart in the womb, they’re just as eager to strangle their born citizens with liberty-stifling legislation.

If you think this is just about a toy, mind you, you would be mistaken. This is not about a toy. This is about demonizing the common firearms that millions of Americans use to protect their families and exercise their sacred Second Amendment rights.

They’re not really, at the end of the day, concerned that children will be inspired by toy guns to take up real guns in a murderous rage. They’re concerned that these children will be inspired to take up arms to protect themselves against those who would seek to murder them…and the tyrants who wish to strip them of these rights.

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