Controversy Erupts in Tennessee Over Textbook That Claims Allah is the Same as the God of the Bible


A social studies textbook being used in Sullivan County, Tennessee, is causing quite the stir, and rightfully so.  It asserts that the God of Christianity and Judaism is the same as Allah, the god of Islam. This is not only false, it’s blasphemy.  

Jane Thomas, the only school board member standing up to this pervasive ideology, is taking up the good fight.  From a report by the Kingsport Times-News:

“We (Christians and Muslims) do not worship the same god. Allah is not God,” Thomas said. “It presents Allah as the same god as Almighty God.” She said the Islamic holy book, the Koran, should not be presented on the same level as the Holy Bible, the Christian word of God with a New Testament including words of Jesus Christ. She also decried the inclusion of the Five Pillars of Islam in the text.

An opposing board member, Matthew Spivey, told the Times-News, “We can’t promote any one religion over another.” He went on to say that the school must be careful not to present “ignorance over facts.”

Stating that Allah and the God of the Bible are not the same would imply that one is greater than the other, you see, and this is anathema to cultural Marxists like Spivey.   To them, it is imperative to maintain that Allah and God are the same lest anyone dare suggest that Judeo-Christian values, not to mention the Judeo-Christian God, are objectively superior

If we look at the issue solely from an unbiased, educational perspective, teaching that God and Allah are the same is not even relevant to the history of the two religions and therefore should never be asserted by any educational textbook.  Assuming that the goal is to teach only the historical facts of each religion, it would be safe to say this thought is squarely in the “theological” classification of information.

Of course, it is impossible to teach the history of Christianity without the understanding that, according to Christian theology, the God of the Bible is the only God and the Creator of everything, but I digress.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), naturally, is calling on Muslims to show up at the Sullivan County Board of Education meeting to resist what they claim is “Islamophobic opposition” from Thomas.

Funny how any resistance to the Islamic agenda is discounted immediately as “Islamophobic,” but opposing Christianity is perfectly acceptable. Apparently, Muslims are the only ones who have the right to take a stand for their god.   

Tragically, there appear to be no reports of calls for Christians to stand behind Thomas and support his brave actions.  What a sad testament for Christianity. If you live in the area or know anyone who does, share this article and rally the troops! Let’s make a stand for our God and the truth of Christian theology: Allah is not the same god as Yahweh

When Islam ultimately takes over the United States, if we continue to roll over and allow this erasure of the presence of Judeo-Christian truths in our society, we will only have our own indifference and apathy to blame.


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