Cornell Planned Parenthood Raffles Sex Toys to Raise Money to Fight Texas Abortion Law


A Texas abortion bill that restricts most abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected has become a major focus of the pro-abortion movement since it went into effect and has prompted some of the nation’s top pro-abortion entities to kick up the fundraising and political action.

Of course, its arguable that no single entity stands to gain from legalized abortion than Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Not only does Planned Parenthood end more unborn lives every year than any other organization, they also actively work to ensure that access to the life-ending procedure, which they claim only makes up a small portion of the services they provide, remains legal.

What’s more, they are also one of the biggest entities promoting so-called Comprehensive Sexuality Education, a patently ideological approach to sex ed that introduces children to a wide range of information about sex going far beyond simple biology and “safe sex,” as we have long covered on this blog, CSE exposes students to oftentimes pornographic information about various sex acts, fetishes, alternative sexual lifestyles, and, of course, also at times promotes abortion.

So perhaps it’s not that surprising to find out that a Planned Parenthood chapter at Cornell University has been raffling off sex toys to raise money to fight the Texas Heartbeat Law.

Live Action reported:

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s activist arm, Planned Parenthood Generation Action (PPGA), recently held a fundraiser that purported to raise money for abortions for Texans affected by SB8, the Texas Heartbeat Act. PPGA’s chapter at Cornell University deemed the fundraiser “Sex Toys for Texas.” The centerpiece of the fundraiser was a box of adult toys, condoms, and other items. According to the Cornell Sun, the adult toys came from a porn site.

Abortion activists behind the fundraiser claim the funds will help defray the costs of shuttling Texans to other states to procure an abortion. According to PPGA Cornell’s Instagram post about the fundraiser, “Abortion funds help alleviate the financial burden imposed on individuals in need by covering the costs of the abortion procedure and the costs associated with travel and lodging to states where abortion is still accessible.”

The pro-life group also notes that one of the groups that will receive funds raised by the sex toy raffle is Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, an abortion chain that has been accused of engaging in unsafe practices.

The abortion provider rushed to provide as many abortions as possible in the hours leading up to the enactment of the Texas abortion legislation, committing dozens of abortions in less than 24 hours.

Another group the raffle raised money for is Jane’s Due Process, which helps minors evade parental consent laws to get abortions.

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