Cosmo UK Features First “Non-Female” on Their Cover in 35 Years…Donning A Dress


Where are all the feminists at? It really hasn’t taken very long for gay and trans men and drag queens to steal the limelight from women all around the “woke” world. Now, Cosmopolitan UK has featured the first “non-female” (a.k.a. a man, the only other option than female) on their cover in 35 years.

Apparently, there are no beautiful and inspiring women left! 

The most suitable role model for young girls Cosmo UK could find is a gay bearded man with long hair, wearing a dress, who identifies as “non-binary” and is also HIV positive.

Entertainment Tonight (ET) reported that Queer Eye personality, Jonathan Van Ness, has made “history” as the first “non-female” to grace the magazine’s cover in 35 years.

“My body is ready 💗 1st non Female cover star of @cosmopolitanukin 35 YEARS 🏳️‍🌈,” the 32-year-old Netflix star said in a caption on a picture of his cover on Instagram.

It feels like it was only a short time ago that women were fighting for the right to be treated equal to men and now, we’ve come full circle. Men have found a way to put women back into their places; but it’s the patriarchy we’re supposed to be concerned about, right?  

Feminists don’t seem to be too concerned with the horde of men who pretend to be women. It’s really quite remarkable and just goes to show how self-loathing the modern-day feminist movement truly is.

Not only has Cosmo UK placed a gay man on their cover instead of one of the millions of inspiring women, delivering a slap-in-the-face to feminists (and women in general), but this gay man just so happens to be HIV positive.

Cosmo UK is literally promoting and glorifying a lifestyle that is dangerous and unhealthy by using a man who is evidence of it. Is it responsible to the public, especially young people, for a major publication to push a very risky and immoral lifestyle? No, but who cares about being responsible when you can be culturally relevant!

Naturally, left-leaning media outlets like ET are over-the-moon about the cover, using words like “stunning” to describe the picture of a man with a beard wearing a dress.

NBC News reported:

The magazine’s editor in chief Claire Hodgson described Van Ness in a statement Monday as “warm, funny, opinionated, kind and brave.”

“Cosmopolitan has always tried new things and we are all for challenging the status quo,” she also said. “We want to represent our diverse and beautiful readership, spark conversation and shake things up.”

While British boy band One Direction appeared on the cover in 2012, the last solo non-female featured on the cover was Boy George, who appeared on the December 1984 issue.

Amy Grier, executive editor of Cosmopolitan U.K., who wrote the cover story on Van Ness, said in an Instagram post that the pair discussed “Brexit, Bake Off, Binaries, and Bernie Sanders” in the interview, as well as some things not beginning with “B.”

At the end of the day, Cosmo UK wants to feel good about their decision to push dangerous LGBT lifestyles by calling it “diversity” and “tolerance” but the truth is, they are contributing to the degradation of women.

Just the fact that they have a man on their cover who “does not identify as a man,” according to NBC News, wearing a dress is enough to see that this magazine is more concerned with pandering to the minuscule LGBT crowd than they are about the health and well-being of their “readership” who is, undoubtedly, primarily female.

Although, of course, it would be remiss not to mention that Cosmo has more likely never cared about the health and well-being of their readers or women as they have long promoted a lifestyle of disgusting promiscuity and self-objectification for women. 

It’s almost as if the traditionalists were right all along! 


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