Cosmopolitan Magazine Teaches “Breast Binding,” Encouraging Gender Bending


Comedian and writer Lane Moore penned an interesting piece in Cosmopolitan about the practice of breast binding. Apparently, Ms. Moore, who is a self-described “rainbow” gendered tomboy, was happy being “flat-chested” most of her life when she suddenly sprouted boobs due to a “hormonal change” and found herself trying to find ways to hide her newfound breasts.

If this weren’t bizarre enough, she goes on to reveal a whole world of breast-binding tips and tricks and do’s and don’ts. Probably more information than the average person would ever want to know on the subject.

It seems the medieval practice of breast-binding is alive and well in the twenty-first century. Oddly enough, practiced by women who desire to hide their breasts and transgender men who wish to enhance theirs.

Moore warns the reader not to cut costs when buying binders. Moore also reminds readers to remember to wash their binders often because breast binder B.O. is unbecoming.

While the practice seems barbaric and a sad that people are driven to such lengths by dissatisfaction with their own God-given assets, there is an even larger problem.

The real issue the is the overwhelming encouragement mainstream media has for gender bending – despite the physicians warning that many so-called “transgenders” actually need to deal with their mental illness.