Counselor and Sex Therapist Says Pedophiles Are “Marginalized” and “Vilified”


A woman who describes herself as a licensed sex therapist and counselor recently gave a rousing defense of “minor-attracted persons” on YouTube, claiming they are the most ‘marginalized” and “vilified” people in our culture.

Miranda Galbreath, drawing a distinction on people who are attracted to children and people who act on this desire, decried the fact that “pedophile” has come to be used as “a judgmental, hurtful insult” to “harm … or slander” individuals, The Blaze reported.

Describing pedophiles, or “minor-attracted persons” as someone who “has an enduring sexual or romantic attraction to minors,” Galbreath claimed that “They’ve not chosen this attraction just as the rest of us have not chosen whatever our attraction is.”

“I want to be clear that attraction does not equal action. Just because a person is attracted to minors does not mean that they have acted on that attraction or will ever act on that attraction,” she explaned.

“Another important thing to clear up is that most individuals who sexually victimize children are not minor-attracted persons. Some of them are. But most people who sexually victimize children actually are primarily attracted to adults.”

She then claimed that mandated reporters, people like counselors who are required to report suspected sexual abuse to authorities, are not required to make reports concerning people who simply express a sexual attraction to children.

“As mandated reporters, mental health providers are required to report if we have a reasonable cause to suspect that a specific child or children or vulnerable adult is being abused. Mandated reporters are not required to report that a person has confessed a minor attraction. Confessing to being attracted to minors is not the same as confessing that you are a specific risk to an identifiable minor,” she said.

This is not an uncommon line of thinking emerging from so-called “sex positive” circles influenced by the prevailing ideology in academia surrounding sex and sexuality.

There is a growing movement which seeks to “destigmatize” pedophilia and draw distinctions between those who sexually abuse children and those who simply have a desire to which, according to the philosophy of “sex positivity,” they are born with and simply cannot help.

The organization Prostasia is aimed at, rather confusingly, preventing child sexual abuse in part by destigmatizing “minor-attracted persons.” The organization’s spokesperson, Noah Berlatsky, has openly opposed laws banning child sex dolls and criminalizing child sex work and child pornography.

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He once interviewed a woman for Prostasia who argued in favor of giving children access to pornography, and famously interviewed author and academic Allyn Walker, a gender nonbinary assistant professor who was ousted from Virginia’s Old Dominion university after giving a defense of pedophiles to Berlatsky.

Walker has since been hired at Johns Hopkins Center for Child Abuse Prevention.

Meanwhile, as Galbreath argued that not all “minor-attracted persons” act on their urges, the recently confirmed incoming Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s history of defending pedophiles who have abused children or were charged for possessing or creating child sexual abuse material came into the spotlight when she was nominated by President Joe Biden.

Throughout her career, Jackson has argued in favor of lenient sentencing for child sex offenders, and a man to whom she handed down a light sentence as a judge would go on to continue to seek out child sex abuse material.

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