Country Singer RaeLynn Releases “Personal” Song, “She Chose Me” Celebrating Her Mother’s Gift of Life

Creator: Image Group LA | Credit: ABC

The country singer RaeLynn has released what she described as her “most personal” song yet on her latest album, Baytown, which celebrates her mother’s difficult decision to keep her baby as a young woman despite facing tremendous challenges.

The lyrics are poignant and powerful, from the adult child of a woman who opted to chose to bring her into this world.

“If it went the other way, nobody would’ve blamed her/Think of all the small-town talk it would’ve saved her/She could’ve chosen one quick fix/To get her out of one big mess/But she chose me,” the song’s moving chorus reads, according to Faithwire.

“This song is my heart,” RaeLynn wrote on Instagram along with a video discussing the personal nature of the powerful song.

“I started asking questions, and I found out some truths that I didn’t necessarily know and it was hard for me to know that my mom almost didn’t choose me, almost decided that she didn’t know if that was the right path for her,” she explained of her own early life, according to Sounds Like Nashville.

“But I am so grateful that she decided to keep me and make that decision,” she explained. “If you listen to the song, I can’t imagine what that decision was like being married to somebody and just all those things, but I think the one thing I love about this song so much is it’s not judgmental.”

She described the song as her “most personal” by far.

“When I released WildHorse, that was definitely the foundation of who I was when I first moved to Nashville and me figuring out what I wanted to say and figuring out what I wanted to write about and it created that beautiful foundation for me,” she said.

“I would for sure say that Baytown is me building this amazing house of what I want to represent and what I want to show people and what I want to give off.”

The album Baytown also included a sweet song about her own daughter, which included the lyrics, “When I watched those two pink lines arrive that Wednesday afternoon, it went from just being me to me being me and you” about finding out she was pregnant.

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