Couple Known for Raising “Genderless” Child Preparing to Trade Genders in Double-Transition


A couple in the UK who received national attention last year for choosing to raise their child as a “person” rather than a boy or girl (pro tip: boys and girls are also persons) are now preparing for a double-transition as they each receive surgery to appear as a member of the opposite sex.

To put it simply, dad is turning into mom, and mom is turning into dad. That is, if I am understanding this correctly.

The Mirror reports:

Britain’s first gender-fluid family – who sparked a national debate because son Star Cloud is being brought up as a “person” rather than a “boy” – is preparing for a total transformation.

Parents Louise and Nikki Draven – who told their unusual story in the Sunday Mirror last year – are set to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Dad Louise, 32 – whom Star calls his mummy – is to become a woman.

Mum Nikki, 31 – called daddy by the child – will be a man called Charlie.

Even five-year-old Star has cut his hair to look more like a boy than a girl.

OK…now I am completely confused about the gender of the child, biological or otherwise. Is this just bad writing, or does that last statement make it sound like Star identifies as a boy? Is Star a boy? How is anyone supposed to make sense of all this?


“It’s been a long time coming,” said Louise – born a man and Star’s biological dad.

“I started my transition in 2011 but things, mainly weight, held me back.”

She shed 16st – slimming from 25st to a slim 9st – to avoid complications so she can have the December op.

She added: “It took a lot of self-discipline after bariatric surgery.”

Louise said of the swap op: “I have doubts all the time but that’s just part and parcel of my transition.

“No one chooses these feelings but when people do, they need the outside of their bodies to match the inside.”

This last statement from Louise is quite telling. One wonders how someone can be so certain they “need” the outside of their bodies to “match the inside” when they openly admit to having doubts of a surgery that would irreversibly alter their body in an incredibly drastic way?