Couple Thinks They Tricked Russian Government Into Recognizing Same-Sex “Marriage”


If there is one single unifying characteristic of the LGBTQ movement worldwide, it’s their insistence that the government and all laypeople officially recognize their sin as morally acceptable.

They have, of course, largely succeeded in the US, where the climate becomes more and more hostile towards believers in traditional marriage and the media regularly slanders respected advocacy groups such as the Family Research Council or the Liberty Council as “anti-gay hate groups” as if they were akin to the KKK.

So when a Russian couple thought they’d tricked their government into recognizing their “marriage”, as you can imagine the American media lapped it up and used it as an opportunity to decry “homophobic” Russia for only recognizing traditional marriage.


Russia has accidentally recognized gay marriage for the first time after a newlywed couple found a legal loophole in Moscow and exploited it.

Yevgeny Voytsekhovsky and Pavel Stotzko, married each other in Copenhagen, Denmark, earlier this month and upon returning to their home country, the couple asked Russian officials to recognize their marriage certificate.

According to the Moscow Times, the official stamped the marital status page of their passports without blinking an eye, and so they considered this an official recognition of their marital status.

Russia will recognize marriages that are officially processed in other countries and does not technically exclude homosexual “marriages” from this. However, the government was quick to disagree that the Russian couple did what they thought they’d done.

In an official statement released from the government, they refuted the couples claim that they were the first Russian gay couple to be “married” by explaining that “employees of state service centers don’t stamp passports. Therefore, the information indicated in the news is false.”

It looks like this is just a silly stunt for attention from a bitter Russian couple. Whether you love Russia or hate Russia, they are still a sovereign country that can maintain traditional marriage laws as so many countries do. You do have to respect them for maintaining traditional values and refusing to bow to the pressure of whiny leftists.

It appears you simply can’t trick a country like Russia into condoning your gay “marriage” no matter how viral your claims go.