Court Grants 13-Year-Old Permission To Abort Her 32-Week-Old Baby

India’s Supreme Court has given a 13-year-old girl permission to abort her 32-week-old baby, overriding the country’s already-cruel 20-week legal abortion limit.


According to LifeNews, the young girl was impregnated through a rape carried out by a coworker of her father’s.

NDTV reports that the girl’s lawyers argued that carrying the baby to full term would cause her significant trauma, as if having to live with murdering a baby would be any better.

NDTV further quotes one of the girl’s lawyers as stating that the experience would also be traumatic for the girl’s parents.

“It has been emotionally draining for the girl’s parents as their child is pregnant and they are unable to cope with this fact,” the lawyer reportedly said.

According to The Economic Times, India’s Supreme Court has requested that hospital authorities conduct the girl’s late-term abortion on Friday, September 8.

As LifeNews reports, late-term abortions are incredibly risky.

The outlet states that the doctor who initially recommended a late-term abortion for the girl in this case “did not explain how the abortion will be less risky than childbirth.”

It was with these dangers in mind that India’s Supreme Court actually rejected another family’s request for their 10-year-old daughter to receive a late-term abortion.

Medical examiners deemed the procedure too risky and the girl delivered her baby via c-section, after which her family began making adoption plans.

As a LifeNews article from 2015 reported, an Indian judge ruled in a similar case that year that while the circumstances surrounding the victim’s pregnancy were very unfortunate, the unborn baby was every bit as innocent.

“Whatever be the circumstances in which the child was conceived, whatever the trauma of the young mother, the fact remains that the child is also not to blame for being conceived. It did not ask to be born. The child is innocent, just like the victim, its mother,” the outlet quoted the judge as stating at that time.

Tragically, India’s Supreme Court ultimately gave that girl an exception too, granting her permission to have her post-20-week-old baby killed.

Please see the video below to learn more about the horrors of late-term abortions.

Please continue to say a prayer for everyone involved in the matter of the 13-year-old rape survivor’s late-term abortion, that they might hear God’s voice and understand the horror of what is about to happen.

There’s no denying that rape is a horrible, horrible crime that no one should endure.

While being forced to carry the child of one’s rapist also undoubtedly comes with traumas of its own, the truth is that it is still no excuse for killing an innocent child.

See Ben Shapiro’s swift response to this argument below.

While not all of his points are agreeable (i.e. abortions for suicidal mothers), he does a good job of pinning down why the left loves to bring up the “well what about rape?” argument when defending abortion as a whole.

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