Court Docs Show 2-Year-Old Tinslee Lewis’ Health Is Improving After Hospital Wanted To Remove Life Support


A precious little girl in Texas has vastly improved despite hospital officials fighting to withdraw life support last year.

According to Texas Right To Life, Tinslee Lewis, now two years old, is doing drastically better according to picturesvideo, and sworn affidavits submitted to the court. After receiving a tracheostomy procedure, Tinslee is no longer receiving paralytic medication or nasal intubation, is now completely awake, receiving occupational therapy, and being gradually taken off pain medication.

“[Tinslee’s] doctors have consistently told Trinity that she is doing better than they expected. And [Tinslee] has improved,” said the motion from the Lewis’ legal team. Tinslee’s mother, Trinity, stated that the baby’s occupational therapists have Tinslee “sitting up in a wheelchair most days.”


As we reported last year, Tinslee was diagnosed with Ebstein’s anomaly, in which her right heart valve is lower than normal, causing her heart to not pump properly and blood to flow backward through the heart. This causes the left side of her heart to work harder, enlarging the left side and weakening her heart overall.

The weakening of the heart can cause weakening or blockage of the right side of the heart and arteries of the lungs, which Tinslee developed shortly after birth. Being premature, her lungs were already underdeveloped, putting her in even greater danger.

Still, Trinity has fought for her baby girl against all odds.

In November of 2019, Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth attempted to take then-nine-month-old Tinslee off of life support against Trinity’s will.

Under Chapter 166.046 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, known as the state’s 10-Day Rule, a hospital ethics committee is permitted to pull a patient off of life-sustaining care, such as a ventilator, even against the patient’s expressed will, advance directive, or the instruction of their surrogate decision-maker. The hospital can then remove life support ten days after informing the patient, even if the patient is conscious, coherent, and expressly asks to stay alive.

Baby Tinslee’s 10-day countdown was set to expire on November 10, 2019, but a team of attorneys was able to secure a temporary restraining order against the hospital. Ever since, Tinslee’s case has been pled throughout the legal system, climaxing with the Supreme Court of the United States turning down the hospital’s request to remove life support.

“Tinslee’s life is a miracle and she proves that every day! Look at this evidence and see for yourself how she is improving,” Texas RTL said of the news of Tinslee’s improvement. “This evidence emphasizes what we’ve known all along: 1.) The narrative that Baby Tinslee is “a hopeless case” is completely false, and 2.) placing a countdown on patients cuts their lives short. Cook Children’s planned to pull the plug on Baby Tinslee in November 2019 and stated under oath that she would certainly die by May 2020. Now, 543 days after the countdown imposed by the 10-Day Rule expired, Tinslee has proven them wrong.”

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