Court Says ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ Must Go To Prison


Here it is 2018 and we are still seeing former Nazis from World War II being brought to justice, which is a great thing of course, but the amount of time it’s taken to accomplish this task is mind-blowing.

A German constitutional court just ruled that Oskar Groening, 96, must be imprisoned for the part he played in the mass murders committed during the Holocaust carried out in Nazi death camps, overturning a lower court ruling.

Since God has created all human life in His image, which makes it sacred, this man most certainly deserves prison time and probably then some.

NBC News is reporting:

Oskar Groening, known as the “bookkeeper of Auschwitz” for his job counting cash taken from the camp’s victims, was sentenced to four years jail in 2015, but wrangling over his health and age have delayed the start of his sentence.

The constitutional court rejected the argument by Groening’s lawyers that imprisonment at his advanced age would violate his right to life, adding that the gravity of his crimes meant there was a particular need for him to be seen to be punished.

“The plaintiff has been found guilty of being accessory to murder in 300,000 related cases, meaning there is a particular importance to carrying out the sentence the state has demanded,” the judges wrote, upholding the Celle regional court’s ruling.

There is no further appeal to the constitutional court’s ruling. The ruling does leave open the possibility that Groening could be released if his health deteriorates.

A 2015 court battle determined that while Groening wasn’t directly responsible for murdering anyone, the work he participated in while at Auschwitz propped up the regime that was responsible for murdering large numbers of Jews by helping to sort bank notes that were seized from the trainloads of individuals arriving at the camp.

Hitler and the Nazis applied their awful, evil tactics and ideology to the murder of six million Jewish people during the war.

Groening himself came clean about his role in the horror show after admitting he was “enthusiastic” about his work for the Third Reich during interviews intended to help show Holocaust deniers the genocide of the Jews really did happen.

The fact it has taken this long to bring this man to justice is absurd, but at least he is going to pay for his awful crimes in some capacity in this life, and unless he has repented and put his faith in Jesus, he will certainly pay for them in the next one.

This comes at a time when the Jewish people are once again experiencing hatred and the fear of genocide, this time not from Nazis but radical Muslims looking to wipe them out and take the land that belongs to them.

This is just one of many reasons to pray for the Jews and for their continued preservation.