Cover-Up: 23-Year-Old Woman Dead After Abortion While Six Months Pregnant


An autopsy report has revealed that 23-year-old Keisha Marie Atkins died after a late-term abortion at America’s largest abortion facility.

Southwestern Women’s Options (SWWO) in Albuquerque, New Mexico markets abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Keisha Marie Atkins died on February 4 after being transported from SWWO to the University of New Mexico (UNM) Hospital.

The pro-life group Operation Rescue has reported that Atkins was at least six months pregnant, and checked into SWWO on January 31 for a four-day late-term abortion procedure to be performed by abortionist Curtis Boyd, 80

Operation Rescue has asserted that the pathologists’ stated cause of death as a blood clot in the lungs due to pregnancy is “a whitewash meant to blame Atkins’s pregnancy for her death instead of what appears to be a mismanaged late-term abortion procedure.”

“UNM is a biased promoter of abortion that is attempting to shift blame onto Atkins’ pregnancy, instead of the abortion, where the blame rightfully belongs,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, in a statement. “Keisha Atkins and her family deserve the truth, not a cover-up. But with UNM and SWO, covering up their misdeeds has become standard operating procedure.”

In February of 2016, a special House panel charged with investigating fetal tissue trafficking in Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities issued subpoenas to UNM and SWWO after both organizations were uncooperative with a congressional investigation.

“The flimsy agreement between UNM and late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd, signed by UNM’s Dr. Eve Espey, appears to be constructed to conceal the potential sale of late-term baby body parts to UNM, which to date, has withheld any documentation as to the compensation of Curtis Boyd, the compensation of residents and any record of their late-term baby body parts inventory,” said Elisa Martinez, executive director of New Mexico Alliance for Life.

Tara Shaver, spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico, said “Many in this country do not believe that late term abortions occur and even more believe that just because abortion is legal that they are also safe. The death of Keisha Atkins is proof that late term abortions are being performed in New Mexico and that women pay for this procedure with their lives when the abortion industry operates without accountability and oversight. We hope that Keisha’s death will compel Americans to come together and demand that our leaders put an end to this tragic reality.”

Contact your Congressional representative today and demand an end to late-term abortions.