Craigslist Removes “Personals” Section in Response to New Bill Targeting Sex Trafficking


There is one massive problem in our country that tends to get shoved to the bottom of most politician’s priority list: human trafficking. At this point in global history, the largest slave trade in existence is flowing over our borders and throughout our country, and yet we as a nation tend to pay far more attention to significantly less important issues.

Men, women, and even children are kidnapped and kept in bondage to be traded like livestock in a sick, perverse underground world.

And yet, as the government attempts to actually address the massive problem of sex trafficking in the United States, many on the left are actually complaining about measures taken to protect those exploited by the sex trafficking industry.

No joke.

Craigslist, the popular internet listing site, has long been a notorious vehicle for johns to find their way to prostitutes and sex slaves, and in the past, the company has gained notoriety for their seedy personals sections. While they feature many legitimate personal listings of lonely people looking for love, it has been well-known for some time that it was one of the easiest ways to locate a prostitute.

However, due to a new bill passed recently in Congress, they are now shutting down their virtual open-air prostitution market, which will no doubt deal a serious blow to the American online sex slave trade.

The bill was designed to fight against online sex trafficking, and holds individuals who own, manage, or operate a website accountable if they “promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person” by imposing fines or prison terms of up to 10 years. A person who “promotes or facilitates” prostitution of five or more people, or “acts with reckless disregard that such conduct contributes to sex trafficking” are also subject to penalties.

These regulations would place Craigslist at great risk of criminal prosecution for their participation in online prostitution, and they announced on their website this week that “any tool or service can be misused” and due to this they “can’t take such risk” with their ‘personals’ section, adding that this decision was made “regretfully” and expressed a desire to hopefully “bring them back some day.”

Meanwhile, Facebook users who had apparently enjoyed the “services” available in Craigslist’s personals sectioned complained about their lack of access to prostitution:

Even more disturbing are the people who are more worried about the poor, forlorn sex workers who may be negatively affected by the bill. One woman, a writer and former sex worker, believes without one single logical train of thought that this will somehow force women back into sex work (?!)

Absolutely unbelievable…note the considerable lack of concern for the women (and as we’ve exposed on this site in the past, children) who are actually forced into sex work. Poor women have a choice. Sex slaves do not.

Despite what the pro-sex work community may think, this is an excellent victory in the fight against online sex trafficking, an industry which is exploiting thousands every year.

Please be sure to support ministries such as the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking if God places on your heart a desire to join this important fight to end exploitation and slavery!