Shocking Video: Crane Dangles From Building In Miami As Hurricane Irma Slams City

Footage out of downtown Miami shows a crane dangling from a tall unfinished building as Hurricane Irma begins its outright pounding of the region.


According to AccuWeather, Hurricane Irma is bringing with it devastating flooding and wind gusts unlike any the state of Florida has seen since 1992, when Hurricane Andrew pummelled the third most populated state in America.

Many reports online indicate that the effect the storm would have on the many cranes in Miami was a major concern.

That appears to have been well-founded as at least two cranes are now dangling from buildings in the city.

According to AccuWeather, Hurricane Irma is currently a Category 3 storm.

Wind gusts are as high as 125 miles per hour. Footage out of West Brickell, Miami shows a home’s roof being ripped clean off.

Please continue to keep those caught in the path of Hurricane Irma in your prayers.

Stay tuned into the latest on the disaster via the live stream below.