Creator Of Vulgar Netflix Big Mouth Cartoon Admits Kids Were His Target Audience Of R-Rated Program


When we first exposed the disgusting cartoon produced on Netflix, ‘Big Mouth’, which centers around a group of children and their explicit journey through puberty, as usual, we got a lot of blowback.

You see, a lot of people think that it is just fine to animate and produce a television show about children discovering their sexuality, because, well, it’s just for adults. 

“Ridiculous” began one commenter on our post urging parents to sign a petition to get ‘Big Mouth’ taken down–“it certainly doesn’t show up in the “Kids” section of Netflix and it’s clearly targeted towards adults, as are many animations on Netflix. You don’t get to decide what other people get to watch. Supervise your children, don’t dictate what I get to do.”

Another troll echoed this argument, ranting “You are exactly the type of person who disgusts me. How dare you belittle the hard work that went into creating this ADULT show with an ADULT rating covering topics that all ADULTS have gone through and have a matured mentality capable of looking back and laughing at these events.”

The comments continued in this manner:

“This makes me laugh. Just because its animated, does not mean it’s for children. The ignorance is strong. There are plenty of animated material that is aimed towards adults, that you should take the time to investigate before just sitting them down in front of it.”

“1) not a kids show 2) it’s funny as hell 3) if your kids watched it that’s on you for not supervising/censoring their Netflix viewing.”

There are dozens of comments all making the same argument on our recent Facebook post, but they happen to all be dead wrong.

Sadly, it turns out that ‘Big Mouth’ co-creator Nick Kroll also believes that parents should prepare their children for the adult sexual world–and that’s why he created the show in the first place. 

This show was not created just for adults, and Nick Kroll openly admits that he’d like children to watch it.

“I’d love for parents to watch it with their kids,” Kroll said in a recent interview. “It is very dirty. [But] my hope is it gives kids and parents some version of tools and a language to communicate what the kids are going through and the parents are going through.”

“It was important we talked about the girls’ experience with puberty as much as the boys’ because they’re going through it,” he continued. “Our show is trying to explore every kid’s experience with it, not just one boy who’s got to **** off all the time. Everyone’s at different stages of it, boys and girls are going through different versions of it.”

How heartwarming.

Anyone who thinks this show, which just got renewed for a second season, won’t attract children, is kidding themselves.

Besides, how perverted does an adult have to be to watch a show about young kids going through puberty? This kind of material being made available for anyone normalizes the glorification of child sexuality, which is disgusting.

Nick Kroll by his own admission wants children to watch this with their parents, despite the fact that he openly says it is very “dirty.” This is the kind of sex education he’d like children to have. There’s nothing educational or empowering about that. It simply grooms young kids to view their sexuality not as something precious and sacred, but as something silly, cheap, and totally accpetable to “explore.”

Please join our effort to get this show removed from the air and sign our petition!