CRINGE: Governor Cuomo Waives Santa From State’s Quarantine, But Orders Him to Wear A Mask


As if this Christmas wasn’t already going to be difficult enough for millions of boys and girls across the nation who won’t be able to visit their grandparents or other extended family members, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York’s attempt to add some levity to the holiday he’s virtually canceled by issuing COVID-19 guidance.

…For Santa Claus.

Try not to cringe.

The governor, who has been blamed for the death of thousands of nursing home residents who died of coronavirus after he issued an executive order requiring COVID-positive patients be readmitted to such facilities, made his announcement on Monday.

As for the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine period, the fat man will not be expected to camp out in the Empire State before leaving presents under New York Christmas trees.

He will, however, be expected to wear a mask.

So you know, don’t worry about him being a super spreader or anything.

The governor’s oddly cheerless announcement was accompanied by a graphic of Santa with an animated reindeer drawn over his face.

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NHS also recently told children that he had personally visited the North Pole, where he had issued Kris Kringle a coronavirus vaccine.

Gosh, what an awful year.