Critics Warn Equality Act Is “Trojan Horse” of Radical Social Agenda

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Congress is set to vote on the highly controversial Equality Act this week, which many are warning could effectively render our nation more chillingly unequal than it has been for decades.

While the historic Civil Rights Act finally put an end to truly unjust laws that were depriving Americans of their constitutional rights, the Equality Act seeks to establish certain protected classes based on gender identity, sexual orientation, or desire to abort unborn babies.

This is the culmination of a decade of rapidly changing social norms, the acceptance of which in the mainstream has been accompanied by a chilling degree of normalized violations of religious and civil rights.

While the progressive left has already ditched the term “equality” for the term “equity,” which is more applicable to their social aims, the Equality Act, critics are pointing to the dangerous implications the bill would have for the civil rights, medical safety, and the dignity of human life.

The bill was reintroduced to the 117th Congress on February 18th, having been first introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in 2019, with the backing of Democratic President Joe Biden.

Here are some of the biggest concerns about the bill, as detailed by the Heritage Center when it was first proposed:

Religious Liberty

We have already seen the way that Americans of strong private conviction have seen their right to freely act upon their beliefs in the manner in which they do business seriously infringed upon by state governments—the Equality Act, the Heritage Center says, would make Jack Phillips and Baronelle Stuzman out of anyone who opts to deny certain services on the basis of a personal objection to non-traditional lifestyles or gender identities.

While workers and employers could find their jobs and businesses in jeopardy if they do so, they write that hospitals would be forced to provide and insurers would be forced to pay for transgender-related medications and operations despite any personal objection to such practices.


Radical feminists and trad-life housewives alike have been raising the alarm about the erasure of basic protections for women that just a decade ago would have been a given in our society.

The Heritage Center says that H.R. 5 “would ultimately lead to the erasure of women by dismantling sex-specific facilities, sports, and other female-only spaces.”

As we have long been reporting on this website, the think tank notes that “sexual orientation and gender identity laws that  open up sex-specific facilities like bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. to members of the opposite sex enable sexual assault.”

Charities, non-profits, and other organizations would not only also face restrictions on their religious liberty, but they could be forced to provide services meant for women to biological men who identify as women, Heritage Center notes.

This is particularly concerning in the case of women’s shelters, some of whom have fought to keep their doors closed to anyone other than biological women in distress so as to keep a safe environment for women in need.

Children and Unborn Babies

The Heritage Center notes that the bill’s normalization of controversial approaches to transgenderism in children “would ultimately harm families by normalizing hormonal and surgical interventions for gender dysphoric children as well as ideological ‘education’ in schools and other public venues.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Signal is raising the alarm that the bill is a “Trojan horse for abortion” and “lay the groundwork for eliminating prohibitions on taxpayer-funded abortions at the state and federal level; purge existing statutory conscience-protection provisions for pro-life individuals and entities in the context of health care; and nullify hard-fought court battles that upheld religious freedom protections for people and organizations, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of Catholic nuns that has spent nearly a decade in litigation over Obamacare’s onerous contraception mandate.”

While the bill doesn’t once mention the word “abortion,” the Daily Signal explains, it “adds the term ‘sex’ to Title II of the 1964 Civil Rights Act on public accommodations to mean pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. Both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have interpreted ‘related medical condition’ to include abortion.”

This is scary stuff. The Equality Act is a veritable laundry list of controversial far-left policy proposals that conservatives have been warning for years have serious implications for civil rights and, of course, true equality under the law.

Please contact your representative and urge them firmly to vote NO on H.R. 5—this is going to be quite an uphill battle, but this is not a fight we want to surrender to the radical left.

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