Crocheting Community Makes Prosthetic “Packers” For Trans Kids As Young As 6


A notoriously leftist community for knitting and crocheting (yes, even something so benign as fiber arts has an extreme political bent) is doing its part to advance the transgender agenda by creating prosthetic penises for females who believe they are males.

The “packer” patterns offered on Ravelry come in adult sizes small through extra-large. Bethany Amborn, the pattern’s designer, also offers the pattern in child sizes. These items are so disturbing to share here!

These “packers” are intended to be worn inside the underwear of little girls in order to help them feel more like little boys. How incredibly heartbreaking!

Amborn describes the pattern, as well as how she first came to create the child-size version:

The Lil’ Bug Pattern:
This pattern is for a soft packer for use by trans and non-binary folks, or as an anatomical model. Includes 4 sizes: Adult S, L and XL, and the Bitty Bug for children.

  • 4 Sizes
  • Full photo tutorial
  • Sized, shaped and stuffed to be anatomically correct
  • Designed by a member of the trans community
  • Tested by the trans and non-binary community

The Lil’ Bug story:
In October 2019 I was looking for a pattern to make a soft packer for myself, after being frustrated by the cost and discomfort of silicone options. I tried the free patterns I could find, and posted some photos in a large LGBTQ+ sewing group. Immediately I had 2 parents ask me please, could you make one for my little son? After hearing from a mother who was just crying with her son, unsure what to do to ease his pain of dysphoria and there being no options available for children, the very first packers I made were for 10 and 6 year old little boys.

10 and 6?! Seriously?!

The affirmation-only approach to transgenderism is destroying an entire generation of precious children! A six-year-old girl needs to be affirmed in her perfect, beautiful design as a female, not affirmed in her confusion and self-hatred for her own body.

In order to “help [her] community have access to the things we want and need,” Amborn offers the pattern on a pay-what-you-can basis, because at the heart of all leftism—including the transgender movement—is entitlement. Although Amborn states that “it is important to pay marginalized people for their creative work, and these small sales help support [her] queer family,” the pattern is available for free for those who can’t or don’t want to pay for it.

Amborn also links to Parts For People, a Facebook group for crocheters to donate “soft packers and breast prosthetics for enby [non-binary], transmasculine & transfeminine people.”

It’s worthwhile to note that Ravelry made headlines last year for banning any expression of support or positive opinion of President Trump on the platform. You know, to make the place more “inclusive.”

At the time, Ravelry tweeted:

“Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy,” a statement on the Ravelry blog reads, noting that the community will continue to allow Trump supporters on its platform as long as they don’t utter a word in favor of the president.

What in the world is wrong with our society when even knitting and crocheting is politically polarized?!

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