Crowds Dance In the Street In Argentina As Abortion Legalized Up to 14 Weeks


Two very different crowds gathered in Argentina this week to respectively lament and celebrate the nation’s legalization of abortion up until 14 weeks gestation.

On Wednesday, the nation became the largest in Latin America to pass such legislation which came after a 12-hour debate in the national Senate, Disrn reports.

This comes after several years of national conflict in the Catholic-majority nation. In 2018, a bill to legalize abortion passed in the lower house but ultimately failed in the Senate.

This year, the lower house passed the second iteration of pro-abortion legislation following a proposal sent to them from President Alberto Fernández.

On Tuesday night, crowds of pro-life activists gathered in Argentina’s capital to protest the bill amid the Senate’s lengthy debate.

Abortion was formally legalized following a final senate vote of 38-29.

As the law was passed, pro-aborts celebrated jubilantly in the street, effectively dancing on the future graves of innumerable unborn children previously protected by decidedly more civilized laws.

“Safe, legal ,and free abortion is now the law,” tweeted Fernández, who Disrn notes has argued abortion will reduce poverty.

Meanwhile, pro-life Argentinian lawmaker Victoria Morales Gorleri, has deriding the moral failings of a nation that would enshrine into law the termination of a human life.

“It’s a failure for a nation to legalize the death of a human being,” she said earlier this month.

Nor do members of the public do not feel represented by this legislative move.

“These politicians aren’t representing the majority,” pro-life activist Luciana Prat said. “In all the polls, people are against this.”

Yet another nation turning against what is good and right and institutionalizing the systematic murder of unborn children.

Around the world, pro-life activists are working tirelessly to overturn laws that protect unborn babies in those nations where they still remain. We’ve seen it in Ireland and now Argentina.

There is a well-funded global movement to root out and stamp out what is left of traditional values and moral regard for the sanctity of life.

As big as their movement is, ours has got to be bigger. Millions of babies have already lost their lives. Millions more hang in the perpetual balance as we fight the rising worldwide culture of death.

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