Czech Republic Set to Become First Former Soviet-Bloc Nation to Legalize Gay Marriage


The last ten years have been extraordinarily transformative across the globe when it comes to attitudes towards gay marriage.

A mere decade ago, some of our most far-left politicians, like Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, still opposed same-sex marriage. Now, not only is it legal in the United States (and, in some states, mandatory for Christians to accommodate same-sex marriage, making so-called “marriage equality” more protected than the First Amendment) but now even former Soviet bloc nations are making the transition.

Across the Western world, governments are taking a nosedive down this very slippery slope by turning a blind eye to something that was once universally understood as a very dangerous sexual act.

This was certainly true in the brutally oppressive Soviet Union, and while Eastern Europe was thankfully freed from the most murderous regime in world history decades ago, they are definitely right behind the United States and Western Europe when it comes to a very broad interpretation of liberty.

Soon, the Czech Republic will become the first former Soviet bloc nation to legalize gay marriage, LGBT Nation reports:

The move comes in the wake of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš also signaling his support for the move. 46 parliamentary deputies have now signed the bill.

The bill affords wide-ranging marriage rights, on par with heterosexual couples in the republic. Czechs in same-sex relationships would have full rights over any children they have, access to alternative family care, and even widow’s pensions.

16 other European Union countries already provide full marriage equality, but the passage of this bill would make the Czech Republic the first former soviet country to do so.

This is a very sobering reminder that as one form of earthly oppression is removed, one is often still under the bondage of sin that all life on earth is subject to without Christ.

Just as many survivors of sexual abuse as a child go on to live openly homosexual lifestyles, never considering that perhaps their healing is not yet complete, a nation that just decades ago was living under horrific conditions is now condoning a way of life that God hates.

Let’s lift up the Czech Republic in prayer, as well as all those still living under oppressive conditions, from Saudi Arabia to North Korea to Iran, who think that true freedom is only from the shackles of government oppression, rather than from the bondage of sin.