Danish TV Show Features Adults Disrobing in Front of Tweens To Promote “Body Positivity”


A Danish television show has recently come under fire in the States for its incredibly controversial premise: exposing children to fully nude adults in the name of “body positivity.”

According to the Independent, “Ultra Strips Down” features a live studio audience of 11- to 13-year-olds watching a panel of adults completely disrobe and asking them questions about their bodies.

“Perhaps some people are like, ‘Oh, my God, they are combining nakedness and kids,” said the show’s host and co-creator Jannik Schow to the New York Times “But this has nothing to do with sex, it’s about seeing the body as natural, the way kids do.”

“I’m not used to seeing volunteers butt-naked and asking them questions,” said Ida Engelhardt Gundersen, 13, according to the Times. “But we learned about the body and about how other people feel about their bodies.”

The show claims to adhere to “strict child safeguarding guidelines,” requiring parents to consent for their children to participate.

Uncensored clips of the television show remain on YouTube in spite of the platform’s policy against nudity.

In one episode, according to LAD Bible, a child asks a nude participant, “At what age did you grow hair on the lower part of your body?”

“Do you consider removing your tattoos?” asked another.

“Are you pleased with your private parts?” asked still another.

In what universe is this considered acceptable?!

Some may defend the show, arguing that it is better to expose children to normalized, positively-presented nudity rather than leave them to their own devices to discover pornography on the internet. I say, why should either be an option?!

Our children’s innocence must be protected—that is among our paramount objectives as parents, as guardians of our children.

For anyone to knowingly expose their children to such content is wicked beyond words. Pray for this evil, fallen world!

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