Did A “Day Of Pink” 3rd Grade Poster Contest Just Advocate Pedophilia?


Just when you think you simply can’t be shocked by the way public schools are indoctrinating and programming our children, a story like this comes out.

A 3rd Grade teacher in Canada recently tweeted out a poster her class had made for the “Day of Pink” celebration, an event meant to bring awareness to bullying but like so many other “anti-bullying” campaigns, is really used to promote and celebrate homosexuality and gender confusion.

The poster, which depicts various cartoon characters plastered to hearts under the words “Love is Love”, promotes messages so shocking Life Site News says it is “borderline child abuse.” This is actually an understatement. Here’s a shot of the now-deleted tweet:

Along with the words “no race”, “no religion”, and “no gender”, are the shocking words “no age.” 

No age? Love knows NO AGE?!

This is nothing short of grooming. To teach third graders that “love knows no age” is an incredibly dangerous message. It’s absolutely ridiculous that it even needs to be stated, but to teach young children that love knows no age is to make them even more vulnerable to the predations of pedophiles, or, at the very least, encourage them that they can engage in “love”, i.e. sex acts, with other children. And we all know they’re already being taught how to do that!

Regardless of the fact that any sensible adult could see this is an incredibly inappropriate message for third graders to be receiving or sending, the poster won the school’s poster contest.

Jack Fonseca, the senior political strategist for Campaign Life Coalition, says the poster “is a combination of child abuse and cultural Marxism. It’s completely wrong. It should be illegal to intentionally try to confuse children about the biological facts of human sexuality, that there are only two sexes, male and female.”

Unfortunately, this kind of confusion is all too common in North American and European elementary schools. Children are being given an incredibly dangerous foundation on which to build their worldviews m. What kind of chance do they have at a stable, normal, healthy love life if they’re being taught “love knows no gender” or “love knows no age”?

God put certain parameters on romantic love for a reason. This kind of breakdown of moral norms is dangerous stuff. What’s also dangerous is leading young children astray, as Jesus so sternly warned us:

“If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.”

(Mark 9:42)