Democrats Apply Pressure on Biden to Use “Full Force” of the Federal Government to Protect Abortion


Dozens of Democratic lawmakers began a campaign to pressure President Joe Biden to use the federal government to protect access to abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade late last month.

And using the federal government to protect access to abortion is something which the progressive president has himself promised to do.

The day after the high court’s groundbreaking June 24th decision giving the authority to regulate abortion back to individual states, 34 lawmakers signed a letter to Biden demanding he “take immediate action” and employ the “full force of the federal government to protect access to abortion in the United States,” according to The Christian Post.

The letter lamented the “trigger laws” in several states which have now gone into effect that ban or strictly regulate abortion in light of the new ruling.

“Now is the time for bold action to protect the right to an abortion,” the letter, lead by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), read.

“You have the power to fight back and lead a national response to this devastating decision, so we call on you to take every step available to your Administration, across federal agencies, to help women access abortions and other reproductive health care, and to protect those who will face the harshest burdens from this devastating and extreme decision,” the lawmakers told President Biden.

The Biden administration has reportedly already been exploring federal action to find a means to evade state laws limiting or prohibiting abortion.

One option the administration has considered ahead of the Supreme Court decision was to declare a public health crisis to shield abortion providers in states where abortion has been banned.

He is expected to sign an executive order regarding abortion on Friday morning.

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